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Pitra Dosh Remedies

September 19, 2021

When people get Mercury in this house this clearly shows -that pitra are directly related to you
as Mercury is business transaction and when some transaction is still left between you and your pitars -people are born with 12th house Mercury.

Shunya -Shree Ganesh

September 8, 2021

So whatever we will start during this time period we will be able to sow the fruits of that karma easily as universe is ready for conception. Ketu is the planet which creates the blockage and the reason of blockage is when negligence of inner soul- When we neglect someone in past life -that part becomes occupied by Ketu such as – Libra Ketu- native will ignore relationships and business and this is what becomes the challenge in this life as well- Leo Ketu- Native would have ignored kids and this life native face problems related to kids and stability in life.

Krishna-Experience the Maharaas

August 29, 2021

Krishna is the only one who can experience you Maharaas-the ras the which gives the feeling of bliss &
contentment- Imagine the feeling of happiness -Maharaas is the ultimate satisfaction a human can get in life- Let us get one more step ahead to make sure you feel the some portion of Maharaas in your body while reading the article.

Tattoo & Astrology

August 25, 2021

Everything around us in the form of symbols or pattern forms a miniature model of universe to produce a miniature energy related to that pattern to help us in our life. such as drawing a concentric circles mandala helps in the energy of Venus while drawing the pattern of Mercury helps kids in studies.

Let the Pain Go- Saturn & Mars

August 18, 2021

The same pain which we forgot to resolve comes back and gets carried over to next life and becomes the matter of grief of us as we are ignorant towards Saturn, We think it will be resolved but to solve Saturn we need focus of Mars and ability to bear the pressure of Saturn-and Sat Mars combo helps us solve this issue in this life, So Do not fear this combination.

उपाय और गलतियां

August 12, 2021

जब भी मैं विभिन्न प्लेटफार्मों पर उपाय लिखता हूं तो हमेशा सवाल और माफी होती है कि मैं यह उपाय करना चाहता था लेकिन कुछ गलती हो गई- क्या मैंने …

रत्न और ज्योतिष

August 12, 2021

मानव शरीर जो भगवान की इतनी अद्भुत रचना है वह बहुत रहस्यवादी है और वही हमारे पूर्वज थे जिन्होंने ज्योतिष में विभिन्न उपचारात्मक उपाय लिखे थे- उनमें से एक“रत्न” है, …

मंगल और आम के उपाय

August 12, 2021

हनुमान जयंती – जैसे की हनुमान जयंती आ रही है, एक दिलचस्प उपाय है- जो केवल गर्मियों में किया जा सकता है और साथ ही बहुत आसान भी है- उपाय …

अक्षय तृतीया और धन

August 7, 2021

शुक्ल तृतीया को अक्षय तीज मनाई जाती है- इस विशेष तिथि पर पूर्व में भी कई घटनाएं घट चुकी हैं, आइए हम उन्हें देखें और आप देखेंगे कि सभी घटनाएं …

एक इच्छा

August 7, 2021

जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं कि हमने यह किसी न किसी समय कहा है – जन्मदिन के समय या सितारों को देखकर एक इच्छा करें – लेकिन सच्चाई यह …

मंगल-विशेष पहलू और उपाय

August 6, 2021

आइए शुरू करते हैं कि चार्ट में मंगल के पीड़ित होने पर क्या होगा और चार्ट में हमें पीड़ित मंगल क्यों मिलता है? जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं कि …

बृहस्पति-चंद्र योग

August 5, 2021

चंद्र की युति से कई योग बनते हैं। उनमें से कुछ शुभ हैं और कुछ को अति अशुभ रूप में वर्णित किया गया है लेकिन व्यावहारिक रूप से कोई भी …

जीवन की कार्मिक दशाए

August 4, 2021

केतु के नक्षत्र वाले ग्रह, बंधन काटते है और जातक को स्वतंत्र और लापरवाह बनाता है- ये ऐसे ग्रह हैं जो जीवन का वास्तविक अर्थ देते हैं लेकिन कभी-कभी जातक …

मंगल कर्क राशि में- अंतरद्वंद

August 4, 2021

जैसा कि मैं अगले predictive course के लिए कमर कस रहा हूं क्योंकि मेरा अंतिम कोर्स राशी पर था – नया कोर्स ग्रहों पर केंद्रित होगा। जो मुख्य रूप से …

पिछले जीवन की यादें

August 1, 2021

जैसा कि हम भविष्य कहनेवाला ज्योतिष पाठ्यक्रम की हैप्पीनेस श्रृंखला में ग्रह के पैटर्न और उनके पीछे के कारण को सीख रहे हैं – यह वर्ग कुंडली को भी समझने …

मंदिर और आत्मा की शुद्धि- काशी विश्वनाथ- भाग -१

August 1, 2021

हमारे पूर्वज इस बात से अच्छी तरह वाकिफ थे कि ईश्वर हर जगह है लेकिन फिर भी उन्होंने देशभर में कई खूबसूरत मंदिरों का निर्माण किया। इन मंदिरों का वास्तु …

Temples & Purification of Soul- Kashi Vishwanath- Part-1

July 13, 2021

There are certain temples when we visit them -certain incidents starts happening with us and these are not normal and are very karmic in nature -Let me take an example of Kashi Vishwanath- This is temple which marks the beginning of human civilization and is represented by sign of Sagittarius- Jeev -So at any point of time you have problems to your origin, kids, health and for higher knowledge native should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple but let us suppose some has afflicted sign of Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in it -As Sagittarius is also a sign of war where you have to fight for principles and defend the religion by sacrificing yourself as look at the people who are represented by Sagittarius- Guru and father and both of them sacrifice lot of things for their coming generation. Affliction to this sign with malefic like Mars and Rahu shows native has died defending something in past life and had physical injuries and that in why in this life as well you will see the physical damage will also com

Vish Yog & Servant of Past Life

June 23, 2021

The curse native carries with Saturn Moon in Libra is selfishness while helping our community- for example when Jupiter in Libra will help anyone- Native will not even mention his name but Saturn in Libra make sure he gets some fame or recognition for this deed.

Jupiter-Moon Yogas

June 19, 2021

Moon is to preserve as water stores everything but the success fails from hand of native like a water from hand as native is not able to understand the success came because of people around him -Remember Jupiter is a Jeev karka so whenever it will give results it will make sure -it comes through people and masses but when you start pushing people away who made you reach at the heights the success will go away and this holds true for any of the wealth and prosperity yogas formed by the combination of Jupiter

Mars-Special aspects and Remedy

June 8, 2021

Let us start with what will happen when Mars is Afflicted in Chart & Why we get afflicted Mars in the chart? As we all know Mars rules natural first and eighth houses of the Zodiac and signifies Life and Death and these both conditions are special in their own way- We get connected to people by blood as a saying goes “Blood is thicker than water” as we are naturally incline towards people with the same family and who belongs to the same land as us but the affliction of Mars is something very different and you will notice this as a pattern in these natives.

Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

June 5, 2021

Moon is the epicentre of your birth chart and Cancer rasi is the powerhouse -The main house where your thoughts get generated- Mars is Krodh – Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer as neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart- That is why disease like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure or head-related issues will come in the picture.

Karmic Dasas of Life

May 30, 2021

The most Karmic dasa belongs to Mercury not ever to Ketu as Mercury dasa or planet sitting in Mercurian dasa is going to create turmoil to end one pattern of life and that is why in Lal-Kitab the Mercury is given so much importance – Even in Bhrighu Samhita- Mercury dasas are considered very important as during the death ritual as well- what changes are your name(Mercury) and only name of Ram stays -That is why people who have their 3rd lord in the nakshatra of Mercury – either their name is easily forgotten or changed frequently by everyone as this is the pattern of cycle they are carrying.

Akshaya Tritiya & Wealth

May 10, 2021

If you look closely this day comes when Sun is in Aries and Moon in Taurus so significator of parents in chart -both of them goes in exalted position –
As Sun and Moon are two epicentres on any chart and on this day both of them are in a very comfortable house and let us now look at the events related to this
tithi which has happened in the past- If you look closely all the events are related to Money/Family/Pride and moreover to sign of Taurus in the chart as position of Moon
with respect to Sun is in 2nd house.

Gemstones & Jyotish

April 21, 2021

Anyone if afflicted Mars in chart should wear either copper or red thread in right hand and can see the results of anxiety getting controlled and it increases confidence.

A Moon based person should wear Silver band, A Sun should wear copper one – A bangle of Lakh for Rahu, Jupiter should wear gold and so on but what i mean when I say Sun based person.

Remedy & Mistakes

April 16, 2021

To Hanumanji- He made fun that now a monkey talks like a Brahmin to give me advice and gave complex about looks and that he is standing in front of Mahapandit Ravan to which Hanumanji Confronted- that I cleared sea to meet Sita and you Mahapandit Ravan was not able to cross a line drawn by an arrow and now talks about his bravery.

Hormonal Imbalance & Jyotish-Autism, Diabetes, Thyroid

February 18, 2021

The art of Relaxation- The reason hormone is unbalanced is because native has forgot to enjoy live laugh like a child- He is keeping himself busy in either of the work and in both and under and over thyroid there are several predictions you can make like for under thyroid native will have habit to fault find and knit picking and over thyroid doing 10 things at a time.

Shivling – The Power Cosmos

February 10, 2021

All the forces which we cannot see in the universe gets attracted towards the Shivling and it becomes the power cosmos- A receiver of energies – as when placed in temple -due to constant prayers and chants – a lot of positive energy is accumulated in Shivling which comes from universe and when we offer something in this power cosmos such as water, milk, honey- we get results very quickly.

Planets visiting you

February 3, 2021

Planets in Capricorn- You have to serve them -Its a sign and symbol of servitude in your chart and any planet sitting in this sign – you actually serve them with lot of hard work and feel cheated that is why for Pisces ascendant they work on very low salaries for employer reason being their are paying the past life debt to the employer as Capricorn lies in the 11th house of natal chart which is regular income, These people will work very hard to earn money but once this debt is over then only a regular income source comes to them.

Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi

January 31, 2021

Any yantra which is build with the help of triangles represents that we require power and force from outside as the gateway to enter the world or exit the world- as all the major yantra you will see which are mentioned in tantra nadi in which native requires helps from yaksh, gandrav, Yogini, Ashtmaitri are in the form of triangles as what we are doing we are asking for help from outside world and when we require objects in physical form -yantra will be in downward faced triangles as that represents female reproductive parts- Yoni or Vulva.

Career & Magnetic Poles.

January 26, 2021

South -Which is represented by Capricorn in chart is a Magnetic pole and when this house is empty and lord is not well placed the native suffers in goals.
Classic says- Native with no planets in 10th house or in Capricorn are not worth looking as planet in Capricorn make sure that the energy of Capricorn -which is Karma is delivered through this particular planet.

Karma & 7th house

December 19, 2020

A classical remedy is to offer sword in temple for Rahu in 7th – understand the meaning behind it rather than giving out a sword – A sword is given in temple to take blessing before going on War but in today’s world and this native with Rahu in 7th has to fought war for these people to get rid of the debt

Story of Gratitude & Devotion

December 11, 2020

One of my Seniors in robotics industry -An ex-navy guy -I knew him from past 10-12 years, A real gentleman on the field and always ready to help anyone he will come across through his wisdom and knowledge, I always told him that after robotics he should open a tour and travels as he has knowledge of every single religious destination on every minute detail from booking travel routes to timing of darshan

Obstacles Remover-MARS

December 2, 2020

Whenever we start something new -there are chances that we get numerous obstacles in starting new work/Job- starting a house construction or buying a new piece of land or sometimes to break the monotony of life we require some power and strength to make new decisions.

Rohini Dasa -Code of Cosmos

October 31, 2020

I went through several theories to find out that why two similar charts even got different timing and finally one day the cosmos got unlocked-then I went on to test it in different combinations of BPHS and Nadi -It was just like all of them decided on a conference call that this is the timing system as SOP. the tears of Joy and cramps in the stomach followed as this was written from my first book of Jyotish to most advance one and it was just mere ignorance of me as a reader to overlook every time -Maharishi Parashara mentioned at this age this will happen or in Bhrighu Nandi Nadi-it is said the life span is 70 years of age.

Venus & Violence

October 2, 2020

Only women can bring art, culture, and peace to society -If you think who preserves your culture and religion -remember as a male it is not in our genetics to follow the cultural guidelines, and add the feminine touch-we all will eventually turn in to Electrical batch in the outside block but It is only your Sister, Wife, Mother who preserves the culture and remind you to live with art and beauty- It is only women who teach a kid about family tradition and raise kids in a beautiful manner.

Dasa Progression & Special Rules

August 3, 2020

The shloka quoted in the Video is from Chandra kala nadi and by decoding a single dictum -we know rishis are using progression of planet to give results of dasa, Then there are some special rules related to dasa progression as in Chandra kala nadi -no one will write specially that you should special rules related to rules of dasa progression -It is same in Bhrighu Samhita- as only results will be written and you have to write down back story on your own.

Retrograde Atmakarak & Jaimini Manuscripts

July 9, 2020

Planets going in retrograde motion hold a very significant and special place in birth chart and there are several of predictions which can be made only using retro planets in chart. I have always used significations of retro planets which you cannot get easily in life as that is more visible form of using the predictions.

Why you want to Learn Jyotish ?

June 24, 2020

for any action there has to be a motive behind it – It can be small- big, personal but there has to be motive as although Vasudev says in Geeta of nishkam karam- To not desire of fruits of your actions and I agree there are few things in life which are beyond profit and loss and you do it for the bigger goals.