Love your Body

It seems simple right ? Love your body – but why such a simple sentence can work wonders for you if you can practice this simple idea of loving your body.

Ok let us start with deconstruction of this thought – Do you feel consious when you are with less clothes even when you are alone- The consiounes is telling you to wear clothes as your brain has not accepted your body they way you are- You brain is in search for perfect body and you are in fear of rejecting your own body and this consiouness is making you feel shy.

Imagine when you are in deep love with anyone -you are happy from inside, You have butterflies in stomach but when you have to go to the sexual part if you are consious about your body then it shows your requirement is more of physical rather than physcological as you are more focused on physical appearnce of the body.


Maharas when happened gopis were in so love with krishna that they forgot everything related to their body as before krishna they were in love with this life -They were not shy or consious about what my body looks like, This is the first step towards healing.

If you don’t love your own body it means you don’t accept your own body – You are worried about you are fat, thin or color of your body -This is the first rejection you have done to yourself- This is the very first step that you will start getting negative hormones to aquire dieases.

Every morning when you get up- have gratitude to be born as human and then accept your body as it is- If you think you need to get in shape then control food but don’t go on a diet regime to punish yourself -have a calm and slow approach -you have not become fat or thin in a day – you cannot loose wait that fast- but start with praising the body as it is get in to acceptance and slowly changing habits related to your physical workouts, food but keep praising the body -look at yourslef in mirror and parise the creation of ishwar and when menatally you are happy with the way you look – you will realise your body responds in a wonderful manner as your metabolism increases due to happiness generated in body- stress level is low as now you have come to acceptance -you have started loving yourself more than anyone else.

The first sign will be you will be happy about looks and not worried about what other people think -“What i am wearing?” or “How do I look?”

If you will not love your body or appreciate it then who else will ? how can you expect anyone else to love you when you can’t even appreciate your body. Its a Instrument you have to complete your journey so respect it and do not keep complaing about the looks- the moment you keep critising your body – It has a very negative effect on it so show some love to yourself.

This one habit will not only cure your body but also your soul to another level that happiness will be generated in your body and this happiness will start controlling all the negative hormones you have generated in your body- The effects of PCOD and Saturn related dieases will start to give positive symptoms after this.

I hope this article helps everyone whoever has stopped loving themselves.

Lunar astro
Author: Lunar astro

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  1. Anuradha bhutani

    hello sir, anything you say is epic,my brain is tuned in such a way,I know certain things as I am an astrologer myself just a beginner, and affirmation comes only after listening to you, whatever is said by you is final, thank you

  2. Thanks a lot for your Immense knowledge ..

    I have a Very close relative my senior , who has no child from 21 years over after marriage still no child ,, couple are very frustrating even Crying for what past sins they r not getting conceive .. but one thing that the person is very very humble and Down to Earth person,all the medical treatment doing from past 21 years but no result..
    Deepanshu ji would you please help him out from this child birth issue .
    His D.O.B – 08/05/1972 , 05.30Am Kolkata

    Thanks in advance

  3. Pankaj Bhandari

    You are just a bundle of positivity sir wish someday I will be able to meet or talk to you
    N understand life even more beautifully Loads of blessings and happiness n Gratitude for all the knowledge you share selflessly ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  4. Please help me, I am in verge of breaking down, mentally..
    My birth details
    Balwant Goswami
    City -Almora Uttrakhand

    If someone can help me, you will improve your karma.

    1. Hey Amit you r going through Rahu saturn Dasha where saturn in lagna Rahu in 6th house leo .. u will face trouble regarding profession loss o profession due your wrong advice..
      Do Saturn Remedy – Donate To Sweeper outside Police station or Any hospital .. Keep 12 rupee coin in your bed side and next day Donate it sweeper ,do it continue 40 days
      And also Read gajendra moksh and Durga saptasathi paath ..

      Thank you namaste ๐Ÿ™

    2. Sorry vo typing mistake h rahu been mantra-เคŠเค‚ เคฐเคพเค‚ เคฐเคพเคนเคตเฅ‡ เคจเคฎเคƒ hoga

    3. Hi ..I’m just a student of astrology. I checked your details. You have Shani and moon yuti conjunction in your lagna..negative thinking tendency. You have ketu in 12th.. which is good for spirituality…also you are in your mercury/ketu mahadasha..mercury is logical mind ..this could explain why your mental strength is affected .ketu is detachment/spiritual . I think you have to do remedies as per Deepenshu sir guidance for ..moon and ketu ..mercury. I hope this helps. Please have faith in God. Do yoga..pranayam and meditation too. It’s a phase will also pass. Take it easy.

  5. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Oh, nice article on self-love, Deepanshu ji. Sri Adi Sankara in his teachings says, we have to treat the physical body like a temple i.e. Deho devalayo proktaha. If our people treat the body like a sacred temple and began to take care many diseases will be rooted out, sadhana will also be smooth, life will be in a peaceful way.

    Sri Adisankara also initially a student like all. He became as Brahmajnani and revealed the way to become as Brahmajnani. Unfortunately, due to mis-interpretations the real essence of his teachings is vanished and his teachings were became as a tough and not easily understandable to all.

    Crux, our present and future generations have to think about life adopted by our ancient Rishis and Rishipatnis, what they suggested, what we are practicing, why we failed to understand? Why so many mis-interpretations are available? How they lived peacefully even in forests? why we are unable to live in cities even with all comforts without peace? Why Grihasta life was disturbed a lot. Why marriages are delaying and in some cases denied? Why these imbalances? Why people have to remain single? What about pitru runa? If people remain single, what about succession?

    So, we have to study at deeper level about the lifestyles adopted by our ancient Rishis and Rishipatnis and have to begin to implement in tune with modern times.

    In the context of Astrology how Saturn will influence? during Kaliyug? how to overcome hurdles? Saturn has to be studied in the context of karmas and how to root out them? Our people have to know how to lead life peacefully like ancient Rishis and Rishipatnis.

  6. Dushyant sharma

    I have one query sir, irrfan got success after a lot of struggle, he accomplished everything like name fame money etc but later he collapsed due to cancer. So does everything works as per universe or grahas plan? Is almost everything is predestined?
    When people get success then they think that they are doing everything whereas in reality it’s universe who is giving them and when same universe took away everything then we can’t do anything, we feel helpless. Is everything is just a game of grahas and destiny?

  7. เคฌเคนเฅเคค เคนเฅ€ เคฌเคพเคกเคฟเคฏเคพ เคธเคฟเคฐ เคœเฅ€ เฅค
    เค…เคชเคจเฅ‡ เค†เคช เค•เฅ‹ เคฆเฅ‡เค–เคจเฅ‡ เค•เคพ เคจเคœเคฐเคฟเคฏเคพ เคฌเคฆเคฒเฅ‹ เคฆเคฟเคฎเคพเค— เค”เคฐ เคฎเคจ เคฆเฅ‹เคจเฅ‹เค‚ เค•เฅ‹ เคนเฅ€ เคถเคพเค‚เคคเคฟ เคฎเคฟเคฒเฅ‡เค—เฅ€ เฅค
    เค…เคชเคจเฅ‡ เค†เคช เคนเฅ€ เคธเฅเค– เค•เฅ€ เค…เคจเฅเคญเฅ‚เคคเคฟ เคนเฅ‹เคจเฅ‡ เคฒเคพเคฒเฅ‡เค—เฅ€ เฅค

  8. It is great
    It is true n will inspire lots of people to love n respect themselve as they are
    People will learn to take care of themselves for their better luck n future
    How it will make them positive and optimistic

  9. Sir
    I want to have my consultanton from you
    I m on the verge of total transformation and I want to take the right path and purpose of the journey of my soul
    So I do right efforts on right direction
    My DoB is 18 Sep 1967
    Time 05:35 a.m. not accurate may be half an hour difference
    Place Baraut UP

  10. Thankyou so much Sirโ€ฆ..for opening my eyes as everyday I hate my own body and feeling guilt because of too much weight gain after kids.

  11. 17/03/1986; 12:03 pm , Howrah, west bengal
    No job,separation since 2 yrs.If anybody could help me out to know the reason.Husband DOB 17/04/1985; 09:37 pm; Kolkata, West bengal.Thank you and God bless

  12. Thank you so much for generating positive thoughts though I am very positive in all aspects but being fat I started feeling bad about myself after reading this I will change my perspective God bless you abundantly

  13. Beautiful article,
    People have reduced their weight ,just because one thought that they are in shape now with out diet control or else.
    This is just one thought

  14. Sai prabhakar

    Thanks sir….what you said is really true. I can experience not only my love but also the love of GOD within me….

  15. Beautiful thaught… ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Very beautifuly narrated aslo…๐Ÿ‘Œ
    A big thank you…. With loads of respect n love…
    Wishing you good health n happiness as well ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  16. During such tough situations, loving ourselves and self acceptance is the best that we can do to keep ourselves sane.
    While we collectively battle social evils like body shaming that strain our social fabric, hereโ€™s our experience on the matter

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