Lal-Kitab and Room 206-Should you Learn Lal-Kitab

Since i launched the website- I got numerous queries on “Should i learn Lal-Kitab?” & “Which version of Lal-Kitab to buy?”

In earlier two post i explained that this book strongly belongs to sign of Scorpio and i received several emails and messages after this regarding nimits different people got and how good or bad the nimits were, One of the intresting nimits happened with one of my Studnets- Last night he asked me which version of Lal-Kitab to buy ?

I told him to watch nimits as he is going to get nimits even before book arrives-I told him to get one by Pandit Veni Madhav Goswami- Click here for Amazon link as i heard this is a good version and written neatly however- I have one written by Pandit Umesh Sharma Ji- As i personally met at his home and i was biased towards this book– Click here for the link but i also started from Pandit Krishna Ashant book which i have listed below.

So coming back to our story- He ordeded this book on 02/06/2020 and on morning of 03/06-his pg requested him to shift to new room -206 (Total =8 -Scorpio) as they said this new room is bigger and nicer and will be more comfortable for him.

What is more intresting in his chart is – he is Saggi ascendant with Mars in 4th and Ketu in 9th -This has promted him to change of place the moment he ordered the book.

The next step will come from some more events with father and Guru getting recognition as Sun is in Lagna which is dispositor of Ketu.

If you are just starting with lal-Kitab and no exposition to background and history of this book then i recomenned to read this one first.

Lal Kitab-English by Pandit Krishna AshantClick here for the book

Lal Kitab-Hindi by Pandit Krishna Ashant-Click here for the book

Please look for nimits when you order and cancel if you don’t like the energy as these are the indications that this book is not made for you.

I hope your queries and questions regarding version of Lal-Kitab has been answered, Reblog & share using the scoial media buttons below.

Deepanshu Giri
Author: Deepanshu Giri


  1. Shouvik Mukherjee
    June 3, 2020

    “Currently Unavailable” in whichever site I go to buy for me — clearly not ready for me yet. Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn Mahadasha

    • Soham Jain
      June 5, 2020

      I bought the last book on Amazon 😉
      Though I already have RS chillers version. Are both the same ?

    • Vinay Raghavan
      June 23, 2020

      I have Lal Kitab 1952 By Pt Rupchander Joshi (2 Vol. Set) with me received yesterday. The nimits have not been good for me So let me know if you would be like to buy as I have decided to sell it.

      • June 24, 2020

        Thank you sir, but I could find another copy to order and have received one for myself.

  2. Soham Jain
    June 5, 2020

    So Lalkitab should be worth wealth for libra Ascendants?

  3. Soham Jain
    June 5, 2020

    Please help ,
    Should I buy pt Krishna ashant ji’s if I already have RS chillers ji’s. ?

  4. seleneastro108
    June 7, 2020

    Sir, This is Pranjal Dixit. I ordered the one with Pandit Veni Madhav Goswami. The cost of the book is 1608 Rs. (with shipping) I had already 371 Rs. in my Amazon pay balance from a Gift Card I won from Credit Card company for the use of my Credit Card in December 2019. Now the remaining amount which I paid was Rs. 1237.
    Interestingly, this is the exact time 12:37 pm on 2nd Nov 2014 my first Son was born. I have birth Certificate for proof. And this number has been appearing everywhere in my life. Whenever I see my watch I find many times that it is 1237 or 1327 or 1732 or 1723.
    Now the most interesting part- Scoprio sign falls in my fifth house with Sun Venus Mercury and Saturn in it. Mars in 3rd, Ketu in 4th.

  5. Soham Jain
    June 8, 2020

    On 5th I ordered the last copy on amazon and ,it was 2000 km away in Sonipat to be delivered in south ,so expected time shown was 15 june. But I recieved it on 8th .

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