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This course is designed in a manner that covers the aspects and deep insights of Lal-Kitab that is not found easily -This course will help you to build a solid foundation to understand it to a level that cannot be learn on our own- All those confusion related to lal-kitab will be solved when you learn the subject in detail from basics and that too from one of the best in Lal- Kitab

Such as Grahphal and Rashiphal is a concept that if you do a remedy in a wrong manner -Remedy will backfire and all practioners of astrology should understand this concept before giving out remedies.

This course is unique as it covers some of the most unique features of Lal-Kitab starting from basics and making a solid foundation to become a Lal-Kitab Practitioner-This course will build a solid foundation to understand the deep meaning of Lal-Kitab

[read more] As we have designed this course in a manner that when Najoomi Ji will discuss any house – He will cover -what controls that house- As an example- why some houses give results with double speed in all Kitab? Why house number 11 can be controlled by house number 8? Why we do remedies of throwing objects into the water or fire and how do they affect us? How certain houses can be controlled?

As all of these building blocks are necessary to understand the deep meaning of Lal- Kitab.

No of Lectures- 12 Classes

Course Language – Hindi

This course is only open for students of Lunar Astro at present – If we have any slots left-we will open for fresh students as well. -This course has a limited number of seats due to request from Najoomi Ji.

Course Content-

लाल किताब में ग्रह
लाल किताब को पड़ने का तरीका
ग्रह फल और राशि फल में भेद
मन्सूई ग्रह
सोया ग्रह और घर
लाल किताब में ग्रह दृष्टि
बलि के बकरे ग्रह
३५ साल चक्र
१२ घर और उनसे जुड़े भेद
ग्रह अपना असर कब देगा
कुंडली में बादशाह और वजीर
( 36 साला चक्र)
ग्रहों की आपसी दोस्ती दुश्मनी
जिंदगी में ग्रहों की तासीर यानी कि ग्रह जिंदगी में करते क्या हैं। बुरे और अच्छे दोनों प्रभाव
ग्रहों का उल्टा धोखा – पीछे की तरफ वार
लाल किताब के वैदिक उपाय पूजा-पाठ वगैरा [/read]