Karmic Dasas of Life

Planet in Nakshatra of Ketu -cuts bondage and makes native free and careless- These are the planets which gives the real meaning of life but sometimes native is so much involved in his world that a shock has to be given to give him a glimpse of how big and beautiful this world is and you cannot waste time in small matters. These are the people who have a bird’s eye view of the situation as they can assess everything but Ketu dasa comes after Mercury or say any planet which dasa follows after Mercury to Ketu- It brings a drastic change in native and the world goes upside down as Mercury dasa creates Bandhan and this is the dasa to pay attention to details on a microscopic level as Mercury dasa is a micro view and to switch from Micro to Macro – It changes the prospective – A lot of belief system barriers has to be broken down and this is what troubles native.

Ketu dasa liberates you and Mercury dasa creates a lot of responsibility and making sure you are useful to everyone you know – While Ketu is smiling among the kiosk and Mercury is trying to do damage control as Ketu knows nothing is permanent – everything has to happen this way so don’t panic there is a bigger plan and Mercury trying to save the day and making sure every single detail in the plan works out.


When these two sits together in the chart they create an inner conflict or Mercury in Scorpio or Ketu in Gemini- The conflict is clearly visible in speech as the brain tries to switch between the words that’s why stammering or opposite thoughts keep on coming.
Mercury creates bondage by making relations -helping everyone, listening and responding to everyone and Ketu as a Karka of the soul just watches everyone and remain silent.

Look at Nakshatras of Ketu- All 3 of them represents independence and works for higher goals and that is why the result of all three of them sometimes astonishes us – Such as partner allowing extramarital for the health sake and even in Magha and Mool there are stories related to behaviour patterns which are hard to believe but true even the yogtara of all the Ketu ruled nakshatras and you will realise that each Yogtara has a story which is well defined in itself.

Mercurian nakshatras – Just ties up the all above 8 nakshatras and keep them all together- Look at the Ashlesha Nakshatra- It has kept all the energy of Kundalini stored in Ashlesha and when this power will rise sometimes it will result in the bad or good event as we don’t know what kind of energy the nakshatra of Mercury has stored into the deep as all the energies when released from Mercury Nakshatra it creates an end of one lifecycle that is why any planet in the nakshatra of Mercury during its dasa creates an end to one part of life.

Gautam Budh leaving house.

The most Karmic dasa belongs to Mercury not ever to Ketu as Mercury dasa or planet sitting in Mercurian dasa is going to create turmoil to end one pattern of life and that is why in Lal-Kitab the Mercury is given so much importance – Even in Bhrighu Samhita- Mercury dasas are considered very important as during the death ritual as well- what changes are your name(Mercury) and only name of Ram stays -That is why people who have their 3rd lord in the nakshatra of Mercury – either their name is easily forgotten or changed frequently by everyone as this is the pattern of cycle they are carrying.

In the Dasa of Ketu – you also don’t have a name as you are in the form of the soul but rather many names are given to you when you are in the womb of the mother and most of the times people don’t even know the gender that is why 3rd lord in the nakshatra of Ketu gives multiple names and name which is not specific to the gender of the native as it works on soul level and this name has half letter in it.

Deepanshu Giri
Author: Deepanshu Giri


  1. Neha Anand
    June 3, 2021

    Mercury Dasha sometime is so karmic that soul is totally purified and you are at another level. but it depend whether you are utilizing the bad events happening in your life as an inspiration for changing your self or your not ready to accept your own mistakes and learn from them. As I found Deepanshu Sir in this Dasha only. ๐Ÿ™

    • Vishal Dhekale
      August 28, 2021

      Yes, I am feeling the same asa my mercury dasha going on.

  2. Arjun tailor
    June 5, 2021

    Nice artical sir…thanks

  3. June 10, 2021

    Pranam sir, astonished completely……now i found n connect every pieces why they were…

  4. June 10, 2021

    Sir I am seeing someone who is passing Mercury Mohadasha ( Mercury in Virgo in 11th house)with hell lot of problems that no one can even see & depict…..After seeing your article I come to know why she is passing through such a hard time……..

  5. Nai
    July 5, 2021

    In my mercury MD my father had to leave his house as he got transferred from his organisation. I got into a relationship which ended in my Ketu Jupiter MD.

  6. Ruby Rroy
    July 6, 2021


  7. Amit Mishra
    July 6, 2021

    Thanks Sir…can connect very closely with all your recent articles and videos after turning 33 years (Venus activation article)…two articles on Planets in mercury nakshatras… My grandfather (who died in 2019) used to say that my Moon dasha will be good (considering that Sun has its own hard way to teach us), but now i am getting the feeling that the dasha (starting next year) will not be the easiest of the ride (moon being third lord and Mercury sitting in scorpio). Thanks for being our light house in this Journey called life.

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