Hypnotherapist & Healer

Specialization :

Past life regression(health issues, emotional blockages, pending karma, karmic patterns), healings(Reiki, Lama Fera, Water therapy, Crystal therapy & Vastu healing).

Align your chakras & planets by different-different sacred methods of cosmic healings, these healings works on mental, physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Some times we got stucked and create blockages by ourselves via our thinking patterns, actions & emotions. We repeat same patterns again and again and got triggered by it repetitively and blame other people for all the sufferings, We never realize that we are carrying heavy karmic patterns and baggage from our different-different past life’s with different-different people, which we doesn’t want to acknowledge.

We are here to inspire you, keep you motivated and expand your awareness and ability to access the power of Healings, which can heal the cause of a problem at the level it may exist – mind, body or soul.

Past life regression, Healings, Crystal Therapy, Vastu Therapy.

Marriage Concerns
Love and Relationship
Pending Karma - Past Life Karma and Remedy
Education and Career
Namkaran | Name Correction
Job, Business and Finance
Matchmaking & Compatibility
Foreign Travel
Handmade Kundali
Horary Astrology/ Prashn Kundali Consultation
Property and Vehicle

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