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      Nitesh Alaagh

      In Dhanya – BHadrika – Pingla – Got laid off in Job and Got new job in different City

      Dhanya gives pains in 3rd from Mercury- where 10th Lord Ve with Ketu sitting but gave Astrology also

      Bhadrika gives fame in 5th from itslef 9th Aries- new learnings Vastu

      Pingla sacrifices 12th from itself capricorn and 6th house – career


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      Content Team

      Hello Sir,

      The 7th house is also the hosue of Travel and going to new places – being the 10th lord with Ketu there is loss of job but there is also Pada of A4 with 10th lord and Sun being the Lagan Lord and activating the AL in the 9th house gave new opportunity – please use the padas as well

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