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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      BPHS – Chapter 13 Verse 6-7 states that: One will be penniless if the lord of the 2nd is in an evil house while the 11th lord is also so placed and the 2nd is occupied by a malefic. There will be penury right from birth and the native will have to beg for even his food if the lords of the 2nd & the 11th are both combust or be with malefics.

      Even though sir has taught us that MALEFICS in 2H gives lot of money as ‘Living beings are destroyed and non – living beings are promoted over there’ Maharishi Parashara has written – it will give poverty so under what conditions/placement, malefics will give poverty & explain the rest of the dictum using various examples.

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      Vernikaa Darshan

      Hello Sir,

      As we know the house of 2nd and 11th are related to money/finance. The placement of both lords ( 2nd and 11th) in the 6th / 8th / 12th is not good in terms of money . Moreover if a malefic is placed in the 2nd house makes the person penniless but that malefic should be the lord of evil houses and notย  any Yogkarka. Ex – Cancer Ascendant – Mars in 2nd house is a good placement because it is the most Yogkaraka but Saturn ( lord of 7th and 8th) in the 2nd house is the bad placement for money / Family. Same for Taurus ascendant the placement of Saturn in the 2nd house is good but Mars in 2nd is bad placement.

      If malefic is a Yogkarka in the 2nd house, it will not prove bad , moreover it will create Yoga for Money. But the lord of any evil house in the 2nd house while 2nd and 11th lords are in evil houses will definitely make the person penniless.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Given: second house is occupied by malefics. Second lord in 6, 8, 12. 11th Lord in 6, 8, 12. The native suffers from poverty.

      Explanation: The rishi wants to explain that for any bad event (in this case poverty) the house is occupied by malefics and house lord is damaged.


      In other words for a bad event to occur.

      The house must have malefics, the house lord must be damaged and the karaka of that house must be damaged.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

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      Chart of Victoria Brenner : (Illegitimate Child and her father had an accident and was in intensive care during her brith)
      DOB : 27 september 1998 at 20:51 hrs . Sao Paulo Brazil.
      Aries Ascendant with 2nd lord Venus in 6th house (with Sun and Mercury) and 11th lord Saturn in Lagna and Rahu along with Mars in Leo.

      11th house has Jupiter and Ketu.

      Till now I am unable to find poverty related charts but what I noticed is the native does something weird from normal or has severe health issues,accidents,sudden death, In not so normal Work).




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      User AvatarVidya K R

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>If the malefic placed in second house, and if the malefic planet is debilitated or if it is in it’s enemy sign, or if the malefic is the Lord of eighth or twelfth or sixth house and if it forms any connections to these houses through aspects, exchange or conjunction</p>
      And also second lord and eleventh Lord is simultaneously damaged then it will create big problems.

      Sir please tell me if this is correct

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      Mehak Beri

      It is hard to find details for people who are penniless. So instead I looked up celebrity who went from Riches to Rag.

      Below are 3 examples:

      1. Pamela Anderson

      Pamela Anderson

      2nd house = Exalted Mercury with Sun in Gemini.

      Aspected by Ketu from the 6th house.

      11th house = Saturn in Pisces with GK & A2 pada. Aspected by Mars from the 5th house.

      Jupiter is in 3rd house in Cancer (Maran Karan Sthan for Jupiter).

      She went from 20m fortune to bankrupt due to her spending habits ( Moon+ Rahu in 12th house Aries). She owns money to the government and also to construction contractors (along with many other people). She owns money to contractors (Saturn Mars) for building gold (Jupiter) tiles in her pool.

      Her 8th house is in mrityu bhag

      This was documented in 2021. She has been running Rahu MD since 2015 – 2033.

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      Mehak Beri

      2. MC Hammer

      MC Hammer

      2nd house = Rahu in Cancer with. Aspected by Ketu Saturn & Moon.

      11th House = Venus in Aries with A2, A7 & GK

      Moon is in 8th house Capricorn with Ketu & Saturn

      Libra 7th placed in 5th house (mooltrikon of Venus) get Saturn 10th aspect.

      Taurus in 12th house get aspect of Ketu and has Md.

      6th house & 11th house Mars sign. 6th house is in Mrityu Bhaag.

      He was one of the richest rapper. Blew up all his cash and ended up in bankruptcy Court inย  1996

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      Mehak Beri

      3. Gary Busey

      Gary Busey

      2 house = Moon in Virgo. Aspected by Ketu.

      11th house = Saturn Venus Sun Mercury (exalted) in Gemini.

      Cancer sign in 12th house with Rahu Mars & GK.

      Mercury is in Mrityu Bhaag.

      Blew up his money on drugs and expensive items.

      Filled for Bankruptcy in 2012. Running Mercury MD from 2003 to 2020.

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      User AvatarRohini M

      here the dictum may be the meant to be – 11th and second, both house karaka is Jupiter – being malefic placed or the lord with eh malefic will remove the significations of the Jupiter which also known for wealth – so Mentioned but eh rishi’s person will be poor – But in actual person has lost its peace of the mind and the family , money due to the bad eating habit and the bad earning of ways –1

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      User AvatarRohini M

      Thirdย  – where a person has earned the name, fame, money, and good married life. –ย ย 

      Nameย  – Anton geesink

      Dutch Olympic judo gold medal champion, won in open event Tokyo 1964; 1st non-japanese to.



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      User AvatarRohini M

      secondย  ย  Second Chartsย  ย _ :- manuel noriega

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      User AvatarRohini M

      second chart Detailsย  : –ย seconf chart

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