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      Respected Lunar Astro team and Esteemed Astrologers,

      I need to decide on starting date for a New Job. I did the analysis (along with other constraints) and narrowed down the dates to Aug 2 and Aug 3. Would like to get suggestion from learned folks here about the better date out of the two.
      The Job Position is of Leading Engineering teams and I would have to manage people.

      Note: In addition to managing the teams I would need to have a Vision for the Engineering group and set up new practices.

      Position: Engineering Manager
      Location: Toronto, Canada
      Aug 2, 2023
      Tithi – (Pratipada upto 10:35 AM) , (Dwitiya upto 06:46 AM – Aug 03)
      Yoga – Saubhagya upto 12:48 AM – Aug 03
      Day – Budhawara
      Karana – (Kaulava upto 10:35 AM), (Taitila upto 08:39 PM)
      Nakshatra – Dhanishtha upto 12:26 AM, Aug 03

      Aug 3, 2023
      Tithi – (Dwitiya upto 06:46 AM), (Tritiya upto 03:15 AM, Aug 04)
      Yoga – Shobhana upto 08:44 PM
      Day – Thursday
      Karana – (Garaja upto 06:46 AM), (Vanija upto 04:58 PM)
      Nakshatra – Shatabhisha upto 09:38 PM


      My analysis:

      Aug 2: The day Wednesday is for Relationship, Management. Pratipada is for starting new things. Pratipada on Wednesday is not good for creativity. Yoga is Saubhagya (wonderful manager of resources, advisor, resources). Earn money with your own skills rather than Management.  These people follow rules and are good for Upper management but not good for people under them.

      Aug 3: The day Thursday is good for wisdom / start learning. Tritiya is fighting energy and on thursday, person fights with gyaan. Shobhana will help make the place better but it is ‘One Man Army’ and if you put trust in someone else it will result in disappointment. Shobana gives unexpected rise. People will feel proud to be associated with.

      Aug 2 seems a better date for just managing in general but Since the position also needs me to have a vision for the Engineering group Aug 3 might be better. It would be great to have your suggestions.

      Thank you so much in advance.

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      You are missing the most important thing which is Karan when things are about profession, if you can go before 1035 am after that karan is not good.

      from our end, better to go on 3rd August.

      In case of marriage / relationship gives priority to Tithi.

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      User AvatarSarabjeet S

      Thank you so much Sir. I can go on 3rd August.

      For Aug 3rd, Vanija Karan (related to Shukr) solves complex issues and falling on Thursday (Vaar for Wisdom and Influence) will create a balance between bigger picture(vision) and also looking at complex details. Please correct me if I am wrong here in my understanding.

      Just had one more doubt regarding the Vaar. For Profession, will we prioritize Karan over Vaar (or Yoga) as well? Like here, although this is a Management position we are prioritizing Thursday over Wednesday since Karan is more suitable.


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      yes, in the case of profession always give priority to Karan. In marriage- Tithi.

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