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      Chanakya Chanakya

      Dear Lunar Astro Team and astrology enthusiasts,

      I thank all of you for being who are you and for your service to make people’s live better. A lot of positivity and changes have come in me on matters which I had lost hope in life since I started to watch Lunar Astro on YouTube channel.

      I am making this post to know about my mother’s health. My mother was bright student in her youth and studied till PhD in Bio- Technology and worked as Lecturer in a College and a Science/Biology teacher in several schools. My mother is suffering from a mental issues since past 15+ years about which I don’t know anything exactly. She lived about 12ย  years or so, away from me and with her parents. During those years, they were divorced and I lived with my father and I thought I won’t see her again and had almost forgotten her face. She was taken to many doctorsย  and other sorts of healers by my grandparents during those 12 years or so. Nothing seemed to make her better.

      She was brought back by my father around his 53rd birthday. Since then, I have seen her suffering from obese, suffers from thyroid and various other issues that have come up with obesity. She doesn’t take care of her body, and doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice, and seems to have issues related to her ego. She doesn’t have good relationship with food – doesn’t eat healthy food, and likes unhealthy items in excess. She has obsession for buying new clothes, fancy plastic jewels, and beauty products, every month.

      She talks herself as if she is seeing someone. Certain incidents have me believed that she sees someone who can let her know about things like who is about to approach the house, and what is going on someone’s mind. My grandma believes that she was made this way through some tantra process in which meat/blood of pig was used. She used to look at fans in rooms, as if she is seeing someone there. She has tendency to lock herself in her room. Few months back, she liked to go in various Satsang with women of neighborhood.

      Through this post, I intend to know if she can be made any better, in terms of her health.

      Details of her chart are:

      Time : About 2:30 AM.

      Date: 26th August, 1973.

      Place: Hisar, Haryana.

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