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      Venus and itโ€™s Remedies
      A planet which gives us special skills but on a condition that you silently work on yourself to improve everyday. Venus teaches us to work on our skills patiently as the task assigned to Venus in any natal chart will be very difficult.

      You can only complete these task if you silently work on it -Look at three nakshatras of Venus – In Bharani nakshatra you were hanging upside down in the womb of your mother waiting patiently to be born so the miracle of birth can happen- A lot of people came to meet you but stayed inside because you knew that development of your body part is most important.

      If you wish to do anything in life which is impossible such as Shukra does with Sanjeevani vidhya- Go in isolation (Pisces) and work on Skills, rather than wasting time in gossip and daily chores (Cancer).

      Pisces is uncomfortable sign and as uncomfortable you will become- more you will learn -look at the nakshatras of Venus- You are highly uncomfortable over there but still you learn and develop the most difficult parts of life to grow.

      So pick an impossible challenge and work on it- Venus gets activated at the age of 33 -The isolation and being special starts there now its up to you -take it or leave it.

      People come to meet and see only ones who have special skills so up to you where you want to be in life. Litchi and Pomegranate juice every morning empty stomach helps in curing diseases related to Venus, Offering them in Devi temple also helps in getting rid of various ailments.

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      Yugal Sharma

      Sir even planting Amla tree (remedy of Shukravanshi curse) will help us to solve issues Related to Lord Shukra. Chants like Shri Suktam, Argala Stotram also helps. the easiest remedy which I have observed and sir also mentioned to improve Lord Shukra is to respect females around you. Please correct me if I am wrong I have just completed predictive astrology course-1.

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