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      Deepanshu Sir,

      I am a jobless person since years and totally dependent on others for basic survival.

      Yesterday, I got an opportunity to read your article on profession, income, career.

      Like every helpless person; I earnestly wish if you could read my  chart and guide me accordingly. (career, profession, income )

      My details are as follows :
      DOB : 20-10-1973
      Birth time :18: 21 :56 (6: 21 PM )
      Birth place : Delhi, India

      Today, I may not have money but I shall certainly pay you after destiny smiles on me.
      Hopefully, you will guide and bless me.
      With warm regards

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      Hello Sir,

      From 2017 I can see that there is no Job as well as inspite of getting the Opportunities there are troubles in accepting the job as it was not suited – as well as there are mistakes in past life of not helping your siblings properly and giving Money for marriage – as well as there are issues of digestion/back pain which has been present since some time.

      Also either maids/some kind of animal were not treated properly when they were sick – please check your family history and let me know.

      Please go in the field of Private Tuition related to Healing/Ayurved medicines/Astrology or start doing real estate like giving property to rent and earning from here – next year after May you will start new work related to the same.

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