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      Classical text mentions that Jupiter in 2nd to UL gives a noble spouse and good married life but this is wrongly interpreted.

      Please go ahead test this and whenever you will see Jupiter exalted next to Uppada Lagna or aspect of debilitated Jupiter on UL or next to UL, the married life of the native is as bad as it can be.

      Whenever you hear the spouse tried to kill the spouse, it will Jupiter in next to UL or on UL.

      Please go to the Astro data bank and look for charts of killed by spouse and the mystery is resolved & it will have the same combinations. (

      Whenever you see Saturn, Rahu or Venus, it indicates a really good married life instead. It’s the same thing which was till now everyone used 4/8 aspect of Mars but a special aspect cannot be used in every condition.

      May Bhagwan Ganpati bless us with knowledge and wisdom to see the universal code built-in charts to help people.

      Please share your feedback in comments along with relevant examples as to how this thing is getting manifested.

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      User AvatarMagali159

      Thank you for sharing this.

      I went on astrodata bank to look for “killed by spouse” charts but it shows nothing. Is there another keyword that was used when saving those charts?

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