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      CHART POSTED ON BEHALF OF SAVITA P ADHAO: This person had job in one company where his salary was not given from 4 months so he started looking for another opportunity & even if he gets one – it doesn’t click for him.

      He has been looking for a job for the past 3 months, PLEASE TIME AS TO WHEN HE CAN GET THE JOB!


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      For scorpio’s mercury – mars periods create lots of issues in their dashas. Here even with bcp his 11th house has become active and with exchange 12th too, as he is running 47 year since his birthday since last 4months. Ideally should give good income but mars here creates an obstacle in mercurian sign. So, should appease by fulfilling desire of a small girl (Kanya) by giving her red color clothes on wednesday. OR maybe even a red color bicycle if he can afford. Use mars mercury horas days in coordination for quick results.

      He will have an outside chance on 4th feb 2022 sometime in evening hours to grab one opportunity based on jupiter transit. If this is missed then dasha suggests new job only in 4th qtr of 2022.

      Remedies besides above requires vishnu sahasranaam recitation regularly without fail.

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      As per chart Sun is 10th lord .

      Mars is 6th lord and lagna lord.mercury is the 8th lord in 12th house (deblition effect) my not create much problem.and Saturn is 3rd lord of new opportunities in 8th house of his own as karaka may delay in givingย  opportunitiesย  one.But as per my understanding Age running is 48th year 3rd house(house code) where as per sign code is it’s giving 1-10 axis between house and sign code.Surely better opportunity will come this year.In vimsottary dasa of mercury Mars Jup and sun i.e on 13.03.2022 . As 2- 6-10-11 completed.

      One of the 2nd calculation i.e sir has done in YouTube video related to bhrigu progression sun progression is in Aries .so 10th lord being exalted surely the opportunity during March April.


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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello Kamalย  thank you for your response , native is writing daily Vishnu sahastranam one shlok , plus as Sir said when Saturn comes in 3rd house in transit it will create troubles in career so do tula daan of mangoes ,native did this daan n he got new oppourtunity but still not clicked for him. As Mercury Gnati karaka sitting in 12th house in sign of libraย  , here Mercury is afflicted with ketu energy as ketu south node afflicted leo sign plus pisces sign which is 5th house lord of leo sitting in virgo sign in 11th house along with Venus n Mars n Aquarius sign which is in 4th house with Jupiter n Bhadak planet Moon , native is completely tied up in current situation he is visiting temple daily giving offerings of fruits n raw vegetables , practising forgiveness ,but still no result .</p>



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      Thank you Jyotika for your response . Yes as you said opportunity during March n April , but this native is in helpless situation currently .


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      in myย  point of view he may get job till 15 march…but before 15 feb there are high chanced to get a job …as sun and mars enter 3rd house…where a5 and a7 is palced saturn the karamkarka also there in transit…and for job he may have to leave his house……

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      In my view, 6th lord moving to 6th house from there would give struggles and hardships in its dasha. now the ownership of the 11th house would sit with Me considering there is an exchange of house lords of 11th and 12th house. Mercury has A4 and A10 padas- but would get activated when either venus PD starts (D1 position) or when Jupiter PD startes (d9 position). it can also be activated when Me PD starts. so based on the PD timings, my view is that the chances would be between (a) 2nd April 2022- 24th March 22 (b) 21st May 2022- 13th July 2022 (c) 3rd Aug 2022 to 4th oct 2022.

      Possibly offering shringar to a kanya (mer in libra) would also help

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      Hello @savita kindly ask him to recite entire vss daily. not just writing one shlok. And also the donation remedy i mentioned. If you see i have analyzed it differently and the remedies he has done or is doing are different than the analysis.


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      To continue the previous post of mine,it’s a year of 48th year belongs to 3rd house as per house code ,rahu got exalted in 3rd house it’s in deblition inthe chart ,if the person remedy on rahu but sir always said one should focus on ketu while doing remedy of rahu .ketu is posited in Taurus (resources).to get beautiful resources native should do ketu remedy. donating food in the family. In this if ankitji can enlighten further..


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      Thank you Shivkesh ,Namrata ,Kamal,Jyotika thanks all of you for your valuable input . Namrata he did remedy of shringar to kanya but no result after that .Kamal reading Vishnushastranaam is difficult for him but will tell him to hear it .Jyotika doing ketu remedy here in Uae not possible for native ,so daily visitng temple yes he is giving fruits within his family.

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      Savita – in case of time constraints, one can start vss from “Vishwam vishnur vashatkaro ” and till the phalashruti. Even if the native just recites 1008 names, it works very good. This can be done in around 20 mins and with practice 15 mins. This is an effort worth investing for, for the lifetime.

      One thing i observed in this case is, that native is doing too much from a remedial perspective. That will drain him out and eventually deter his energy. From spiritual point of view only sky is the limit, but then that frame of mind is different. So, he must cut down on remedies and go visit temples or do pooja paath as part of bhakti.

      Like in this case, if you see the issue is related to virgo, mercury, 6th house, 11th house , 12th house and libra.ย  Karmic remedies have a different and pin pointed standoff.



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      Thank you Kamal I will tell native to chant names of Vishnuji. You are right his energy getting drain down ,will tell him to follow bakhti path as daily ritual.

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      Sorry savitaji I did a mistake in above about the bhrigu progression of sun .actually I did the calculation of

      on my hand .so did the mistake after checking the software it is in Aquarius for now . all other prediction will remain same .something major in respect of job will trigger when jupiter will transit to the Pisces in 13th april this year . When 10th lord goes to 4th house ,native looks for comforts or feels suffocated in job.



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      Hello Jyotika need not be sorry dear , your effort of helping me with this chart matters a lot . Thank you once again for your prediction.

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      Dear All,

      I have done only a Predictive course & trying to understand more by reading books on BPHS & books by KN Rao. I wish to interpret only from my basic understanding and seek your comments.

      In D-1

      Me & Sa in 12th & 8th house, Me in a way debilitated as in 12th house

      10th lord โ€œSuโ€ with 12th and 6th lord in 11th lord, 11th house aspected by Ke.

      Apparent Takeaway- Problem area, profession, income, communication & relationships

      In D-9

      D-9 LL โ€œMaโ€ in 8th house

      11th house & its lord aspected by Ma from 8th house, 10th lord in 6th house aspected by Ju ( R)


      D-10 LL โ€œMaโ€ in 12th house

      10th lord in 11th house Virgo

      11th lord โ€œMeโ€ in 2nd house


      Nov 2021 – Ma -Me- Su (LL, 10th Lord & 12th Lord) in 12th house

      15-Jan-22- LL with Ke in Asc


      My understanding โ€“ when Ju-Mo โ€“ Su in Cp should be a good time window for favorable results

      He will be running a Dasha of Me-Ma-Ju at that time

      I would love to have comments from fellow knowledge seekers and potential mentors

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      Thank you Anilji for your valuable input .

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