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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      6 July 2002

      10:45 AM


      DASHA : Rahu – Jupiter – Rahu (Sankata – Siddha – Sankata)

      Mention 2 MAJOR EVENTS in this chart and what happened (event) in the maternal family using :

      a. Transit of Jupiter

      b. Vimshottari Dasha

      c. Yogini Dasha

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      Smitha Singh

      Namaste Ankit ji,

      Yogini Dasha โ€“ Sankata โ€“ Siddha โ€“ Sankata (started on 25.03.2021) โ€“ Native is 18 years of age

      (Sankata dasha had started on 25.6.2014, hence first 4 yrs Rahu will give results and remaining 4 yrs Ketu will give results. First 4 years ends on 25.06.2018. So as on 25.03.2021 โ€“ Ketu is giving results. Ketu give results 8thH from itself, so in D1 it is giving results of 10thH and in D3 it is giving results of 6thH)

      VD โ€“ Mars โ€“ Mercury โ€“ Venus – Mars

      Jupiter Transit โ€“ Jupiter in Capricorn in 5thH


      1st Major Event

      1.ย  ย  ย  There was a sudden transformation in the life of the native through Father (Sun). Sun is afflicted by Ketu both in D1 and D3. In D1 Sun is with Mercury which shows routine travel and in D3 it is in 6thH which also shows routine travel, Since Ketu in Scorpio shows transformation, accidents, inheritance, the father of the native might have expired due to disease or accident (Saturn and Mars aspecting Ketu in D1 and Mars Ketu Jupiter in D3 with aspect of Saturn) and brought about a transformation in life of native.

      2.ย ย ย ย ย ย  The native must have inherited the income (10thH is 2nd from 9thH) of his father or property also since 12thHL is in 10thH and 11thHL and 8thHL are in parivartana Yoga. 11thH is aspected by Jupiter in transit in 5thH

      2nd Major Event

      3.ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย Native must have acquired new skills during this period since Mercury Gemini in 10thH, the house where Ketu is delivering its result or must have enrolled in new course / knowledge or education (Transit Jupiter in 5thH of education) in D1. In D3 the dispositor of Ketu and Jupiter is in 4thH of Saggitarius (knowledge).

      4.ย ย ย ย ย ย  Maternal Uncle must have got job (6thH Jupiter exalted with Mars) abroad (transit Jupiter in 5thH which is 12th to 6thH) with good position (Mercury with Sun in 5th from 6thH)


      Smitha Singh




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      Smitha Singh

      Namaste Avtarji,

      May pls give your feedback on the above submission, since no other answers are forthcoming for a long time.

      Awaiting for your kind comments


      Smitha Singh

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      Content Team

      Hello Smitha Mam,
      You said “Routine Travel” – That was a wonderful word which you used and exactly that happened but involvement of Father wasnt present. Ketu Dasha and Jupiter Antar – The Native started going out in Morning walk daily in a specific time (Sun 12th lord along with Mercury) and Ketu is in 3rd house of Travel.
      Jupiter(4th and 7th lord) is with Mars (Energy ; Fights). Jupiter is the Karak of Teacher and Jupiter is activating the 5th house and its dispositor is again in the 9th.
      The person started going out in morning walk with his teacher daily. After few months they went into a relationship and it caused several fights with the mother and the relationship with Mother became very bad due to it.

      Notice 5th lord in 9th with Saturn Rahu(Obsession) as well as 7th lord Jupiter with Mandi and Mars shows fights and sudden events related to relationship and Mother(4th and 7th lord).
      Same event you can see from D3 and D9.

      Marriage of one of the Maternal Sibling happened in Sankata-Siddha and Fights with the Maternal Sibling happened and the relationship among them worsned a lot.

      Father is alive and working. But the health issue of the Father also happened in Ketu-Jupiter but it happened around Aug-September of 2021 (Fell down from Stairs while drunk).

      Wonderful Analysis Mam.

      -Thank you

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      User AvatarMeenakshi

      Hi Avtar

      I would like to ask about the career change of this native.

      29-Sep-1982, 11:20am, Nagpur, Maharastra

      As per yogini dasha,ย  her period is of Me-Ju. In D-10, she is Sagittarius rising and Ju is in 4th house while Me is sitting in 12th house with Ra & Ma. She wants to switch her job as she is dissatisfied with her current job and cannot leave until she gets another job due to financial issues.

      I am not able to understand that her Me MD started in March 2020 and its been almost 2 years, why is she still in the same job as Me is sitting in 12th house and now even D-10 ascendant lord AD is running therefore she should have significant changes in her job. When will she be able to move to another work.

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