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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      Chapter 17 Verse 28 states that: There will be fear from dogs during the 10th and 19th year if the ascendant lord and 6th lord are in exchange.

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      I believe 10th house belongs 10th house where Saturn is lord and ketu is its mulatrikonย  house. Where Saturn ketu gives fear of dog.and above that Mars to get exaltation there ,so Mars is natural lagna lord in exchange with natural 6th lord Mercury gives some sort of indication of accident or injury .

      19th year also rule 8th house where Saturn is karaka owned by Mars ketu.And getting 8th house activating through Mars exchange between 1st and 6th .Above it 9th house is exaltation house of ketu.And 12th to ketuย  give fear and bite from dog.


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      User AvatarAnkit Patel

      Fear- saturn

      dogs- ketu

      when 1 and 6 house is involved in it we see animals from 6th house. Now there is a fear which is actually bitten or not so Saturn has to come in picture. Now sir always tells Saturn mars is struggle n fear n fights. So 10 and 19 year signify 10 year and 8 th house where combination of mars saturn n ketu happens naturally. 1 and 6 th lord indicates trouble when they are connectedโ€ฆ..

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      User AvatarIndu

      Native (having Cancer lagna, with Jupiter & Moon together in 9th House, Saturn in 3rd house of Virgo) does not have fear of dogs. Rather have been helping street dogs since childhood. Native has also adopted street dog twice.

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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      Anybody else who would like to try this out.

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      User AvatarAseem Mehta

      Hello Ankit Ji,

      As far as fear of dogs is concerned I mostly agree with what Jyotika Ji and Ankit Patel Ji have said. I am not sure how much of what I will be typing is right but this is what I think. Fear of Dogs might not just be related exclusively to fear of dogs only. It can have a deeper meaning like what sir had said with regards to the Jaimini Sutram Aries Lecture of 5 Rats and Cats.

      Dogs have the following traits:

      1. Being Loyal

      2. Providing Unconditional Love

      3. Being Selfless

      4. Learning of things around them.

      5. Enjoying Life

      6. Not holding grudges.

      7. Having faith

      8. Accepting oneself.

      9. Taking responsibility.

      10. Alertness

      Fear of dogs can represents a fear of loyalty, selflessness or taking responsibility. As Jyotika Ji has mentioned that 10th House is rules by Saturn and the natural karka is Ketu, fear of dogs can also show fear of taking separation from responsibility since Ketu is separation and Saturn is the natural karma karka. This I believe should be applicable with regards to 10 years.

      With regards to 19th year, as Jyotika Ji has mentioned that it represents the 8th House. We know that Scorpio is a very deep sign. It is represented by blackish water. So, with regards to the age of 19, it can show fear with regards to having faith.

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      Mercury and Mars are 6/8 to each other hence when Mars gets activated the 6/8 combo comes in play hence bringing misery in both ages 10yr(scorpio-owner mars) and 19yrs(mars exhalts here).

      Now 6H also involves animals and 8H co-owner is ketu ,representing Dogs also gets active at 19th year . 6H is also the debilitation place of Venus and exhaltation place of mercury which along with Mars would cause some skin issues.

      Fear factor could be brought by debilitated moon in scorpio effect.

      In 10th year Mars activation as it exhalts here brings the above picture in play again.

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      Induji in the combination you mentioned Ju and Mo are in 4th house to 6th. 4th to any house is what gives us peace and combo of Ju+Mo is any way a benefic combination hence providing peace to the animals and in turn activating his 9th house along with 6th house too.Also saturn aspects this combination ,is the native lucky in job and has lots of good advisors in profession?

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      If we use Kalpurush Kundali & the House system…..10th year is Capricorn. Using Capricorn as an ascendant, 6th H is Gemini. Saturn sitting in 6th H, assuming there is an exchange, will activate the 6th H(Pets, Dogs) & 8th H(Fear) with its 3rd aspect being the dispositor of the active house.

      Similarly using Scorpio as a lagna 6th house is Aries. Mars is the lord of both 1 and 6. Mars in the lagna will also activate both 6th H being the lord & the 8th H with its 8th aspect.

      Interestingly the 6th H for Capricorn Lagna is owned by Mercury & the 1st H of Scorpio is co owned by Ketu. Both signifying Pets/Dogs.

      I think thats where the fear of pets/dogs comes from.


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      Deep Das

      Since 6H is animals, hence 6th lord in lagna and lagna lord in 6H denotes harm through animals. 10th year has 10H active where, Jupiter, Mars Saturn and Ketu gets activated, and the focal point is 1st house. The activation of 3 malefics that year usually denotes not so pleasant event. Natural lagna lord Mars giving prominent results and since now 1st house (house of Mars) has 6th Lord, that’ll be most prominent too.

      10th year indeed also activated Virgo – animals

      19th year is 8th House, again a house where Mars, Saturn and Moon gets activated, activation of 2 malefics.
      Mars’ own house, and the same explanations as given by other people above.

      Rashi code has Saggitarius running – jeeva rashi. Hence, I think somehow this is linked to life of native getting affected.

      However 1st and 6th lord are now in 6/8 position.
      Counting from the first lord, 6th lord is in 8H. Can this be some indication of this activation during 8H?

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      we have to take kallpurush kundali…so mercury in lagna..and mars in 6th house…first of all its 6 and 8 combination..mecury also the 3rd lord where ketu gets deblitated…and mars being the lagan lord and 8th lord which is also the house of ketu placed in 6th house of pets and can be a pet dog…in 10th year which is exaltation house of mars..and mool trikon of ketu…so artificially ketu is also in 6 -8 position…saturn also get activated and in first house saturn got deblitated..saturn is also the karak of 6th house .so saturn also have to give deblitated result..

      in 19th year..8th house activated…so 8th and 1st lord mars again in 6th house of pets also 8th house is making 6-8 combination with 6thh lord mercury which is again the 3rd lord where ketu gets deblitated..ketu is again in 6-8 combination..saturn whi is the karka of 8th house when 8th house activated and lagan also activated where saturn gets deblitated….so the combination of deblitated saturn and ketu can cause dog bites…coz its either ketu or rahu has to be involve…if we take rahu then mercury being the 3rd lord where rahu gets exalted and bitter enemy of mars and sun who gets exalted in lagna…it can give this event also..

      thanks…if any mistakes pls guide

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      Pratibha Arora

      Cancer Lagna .. ketu in the 6th house Mercury exalted in the 3rd hose with Venus โ€ฆ loves dogs to the extent that whenever she saw dog being mistreated had street fights over them.

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