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      Chapter 17 Verse 28 states that: There will be fear from dogs during the 10th and 19th year if the ascendant lord and 6th lord are in exchange.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Given: Age 10 and 19, if Ascendant lord and 6th lord are exchange there is fear from dogs.

      Age 10, House code 10H. Karaka is Saturn. 10H is Multrikon of ketu.

      Ketu = dogs, Sat + ketu = Fear, anxiety.

      Mars is exalted in 10H and is placed in 6H of troubles (mars is also natural 1st lord)

      Age 10, sign code is Virgo.

      Mars is placed in Virgo. Lord of Virgo Mercury is placed in the ascendant (given)

      This indicates health issues/troubles to the native.

      The Axis between 10H and 6H is 1-9 Axis.

      Ketu is exalted in the 9H. Hence effect of ketu will be prominent.


      Age 19, House code 8H. Karaka is Saturn. Natural lord is mars and Ketu !

      mars is in 6H of troubles.

      Age 19, Sign code is Sagittarius. Ketu is exalted in Sagittarius.

      Thus activation of saturn ketu brings fear and anxiety towards dogs.

      If we think deeply, the Rishi is trying to give us hint – that whenever house gets activated me must try to combine the significations of karaka of the house and natural lord of the house to predict the event. The event gets triggered when either karaka or the lord gets support from the sign code or axis activation.


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      Chandra Priya

      Pranaam Gurujee,

      # Chap 17 / Verse 28 – Fear from dog in 10th / 19th year , if Asc lord and 6th lord exchange .Due to Mars 8th house also gets activates which is also house of Ketu .ketu ( dog ) may be the shatru of the native at the time of activation, as this is at age 10 so its ketu,s exaltation house .

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      Although the shloka is about fear of dogs, when I searched in astro data bank for

      Leo Lagna (Sun and Saturn exchange houses) – They have severe health issues, heart attacks,kidney problem,pancreas problem,drug abuse. If there is moon connection then mental health issues.

      Cancer Lagna ( Jupiter and Moon exchange houses) – Such people are popular,financial wealthy, they have long lasting marriage, high chances of being in Religious occult field, they are in high public servant posts,Ambassadors, if Mars influences then popular sports personality, If mercury is involved then stand up comedians.

      Pisces Lagna ( Jupiter and Sun Exchange houses ) – Such people again are popular, football players, in astrology and occult sciences,sometimes in entertainment industry.

      Sagittarius Lagna ( Jupiter and Venus exchange houses) – Popular, Great scientists, many degrees, PHD, In Research, Astrology,Writers.

      Where Jupiter is involved these people are popular, spiritual, dedicated and in research.

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        Mehak Beri

        During the 10th year: 10th house is active in Mars cycle (lagan cycle). Mars is exalted in 10th house. Mooltrikon of Ketu. Owner Saturn. Debilitated Jupiter.
        During 19th year: 8th house is active in 2nd house cycle. Moon is debilitated in 8th house. 2nd house is exalted house of Moon. Karak is Saturn. Owner is Mars & Ketu.

        It seems like whenever Mars, Ketu & Saturn are active (per houses / years) and involved lagan lord. The person will have issues. Ketu represents dogs, so fear from dog being one of them. But in some cases lagan lord is not involved (unless we take Mars as a standard lagan lord as per kalpurush kundali) still the issue persists?

        For example if we take a look at Cancer ASD. Jupiter is in the lagan and Moon in the 6th house. At the age of 10 years. Moon shouldn’t be getting active. Jupiter is debilitated in 10th house. At the age of 19 years it makes since Moon is debilitated in 8th house in 2nd house Cycle but Jupiter shouldn’t be active for 19 years.

        If we take Aries ASD: 10 years makes sense since Mars is sitting in the 6th house. In that regards whenever Mars is active with the house it doesn’t goes well with it will give health issues (Mars in 3rd cycle -mercury in the lagan & Mars & Mercury aren’t friends & Mars active in 4th cycle – Mars is debilitated in 4th house). Would that makes sense?

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      User AvatarShallu

      The exchange between 1st and 6th lord ensures health issues.

      Considering kaal purush kundli, mars is in 6th house and mercury is in 1st house.

      In 10th year of age, 10th house is activated, whose natural lord is saturn and mars is exalted there. Mars is the natural lord of 8th house also. Ketu is its co lord and ketu represents dogs also. Mars is placed in 6th house, hence danger from dogs.

      In 19th year of age, again 8th house is activated which further activates the 6th house.

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      User AvatarBhumika

      I wonder why in first cycle did 8 th house was not activated on 8 th year but 10th house was active in first cycle. And after that in 2nd cycle the result of 8th house fruictified.

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      How is the exchange of 1st and 6th lord checked for the following Ascendants ?

      1. Taurus Ascendant : 1st and 6th lord is Venus.
      2. Scorpio Ascendant : 1st and 6th lord is Mars. 1st house co-ruled by Ketu.
      3. Gemini Ascendant : 6th house is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu.
      4. Virgo Ascendant : 6th house is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu.
      5. Aquarius Ascendant : 1st house is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu.

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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      @sneha ji – exchange means 6L has occupied the 1st house and 1st/ascendant lord has occupied the 6th & not that there’s a common ruler.

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        @Ankit Ji : Yes, and that is why When it comes to the Ascendants mentioned above especially Taurus and Scorpion Ascendant, when Venus or Mars rules both the houses, then how do we see the exchange, because lets suppose for Taurus Ascendant the 6th house Libra has Venus (which is 1L and 6th L) in it, Then the 1st house Taurus will be empty or will have some other planet but it cannot have Venus again in it right for the 6L and 1L exchange to work?

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      User AvatarRohini M

      Hello sir,

      Sorry for late reply! but if possible please consider this data and give the feedback – right or wrong that will help.

      Reg – above statements of Maharshi – at the age — I am  adding my views to it. i.e. @age 10 house – 1st and 10 is active – house 10th is house of the lord Saturn which is the opposition of the moon’s rashi and Rashi wise Virgo is Active which is again house of struggle, diseases and compition – where again Moon don’t work well it’s 3rd house from the cancer house of moon – and house of hard work too& lagan lord is placed there

      So I feel , during this period native faced the fear or struggling that creats anxiety for native or some mental pressure on native.

      Another @19 age –

      House – 2nd and 8th is active which is the house of transformations and also tthe debiliated sign of the Moon – during this period may native can face the major transformation in the family or depression in the family due to money matters.

      And Rashi wise – Saggi is active which is the another sign of – higher learning and – lord Jupiter’s  planets rashi which creats boundations on the moon so native feel depress or pressurised with the Jupiter’s principle and rules which moon dislike – and again this this the ketu sign of exaltation – where ketu trust and trust on future.




















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