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      Sun in the 1st House:

      The native should avoid eating Gud (jaggery) or any red-colored sweets during the day โ€“ if he wishes to then can have it after Sunset.
      He should put nails on four sides of the bed & should not have physical relations with partner during day time.
      He should not keep a casual attitude.
      They should not keep any balance amount to be given to the employees or workers.
      They should keep a bigger vision and must get a water source made in any locality for otherโ€™s use.
      They should not be selfish and serve the masses in whatever way they can.
      Business should be done with a cool mind whereas if working under someone โ€“ then ensure that you remain strict and disciplined.
      They should not restrict themselves, shouldnโ€™t become a miser, and should try to work independently.

      Sun in the 2nd House:

      They should ensure that they donโ€™t get involved in disputes, especially with women and property (land) โ€“ related matters.
      They should not take any free gifts or foodstuffs from anyone.
      They should not get emotionally attached to others and try to stay practical.
      These natives should not donate items related to Moon for eg. milk, silver, rice, chandan etc;
      They shouldnโ€™t be miserly in nature and should donate more often.
      They should keep good relations with father and should avoid fights with him.
      Donate coconut, oil and almonds in the temple.
      Offering respect to ancestors and following the rituals of the ancestors.

      Sun in the 3rd House:

      They should try to be independent & keep good relations with siblings and neighbours.
      They should also help their siblingโ€™s kids from time to time basis.
      Make sure that all the doors and electronics are properly switched off before leaving the house.
      They should keep their character clean and should not have a casual attitude.
      They should help small kids to learn handwriting (taking classes for small children on handwriting or putting up handwriting tutorials online).
      They should keep a fast on Sunday.
      They should serve red-colored face monkey.
      They should put small pieces of jaggery in water and offer it to Sun daily.

      Sun in the 4th House:

      They should not do any work related to steel, iron or furniture.
      They should avoid non-veg and alcohol.
      They should also serve 4 blind people.
      They should wear gold as well as seek the blessings of elders from time to time.
      They should not be involved in dispute with government officers.
      They should wear copper coin in Khaki thread in neck for favourable results.
      They should not mingle much in other peopleโ€™s life and should mind their own business.
      Donโ€™t accept any electrical/electronic items from inlaws.

      Sun in the 5th House:

      They should not do backbiting or create fake lies for someone.
      They should always fulfill the promises made.
      They should not keep grudges against anyone.
      They should ensure that there is proper ventilation and open space at home.
      They should feed red-faced monkeys with Gud (Jaggery).
      They should maintain harmony within the family and should not cheat their friends.
      If possible, keeping Kitchen (Rasoi) in East direction of the house will be beneficial.

      Sun in the 6th House:

      Feeding Sainaza (7 types of grains) to brown-coloured ants.
      They should keep 5 liters โ€“ 5 Bottles of Ganganjal in their home.
      They should take the blessings of a Pandit & keep some bhajan/kirtan played at home.
      They should bring items used in the temple and keep them at home.
      They should also listen to Harivansh Puran.
      They should keep a check on their anger and should not get modifications done in the West direction of the house.
      They should avoid blue-colored clothes.
      They should help the poor and should never falsely testify in any case.

      Sun in the 7th House:

      They should not spread negative news or consume negative news โ€“ always try to hear positive.
      They should remain optimistic and positive about any work and should not think about the consequences otherwise there will be hurdles in their work.
      They should consume sweets along with intake of water before starting any work.
      They should keep pure thoughts and maintain a clean character.
      Offer a little piece of Chappati (roti) before taking the meal.
      Serving black or brown cows without horns.
      They should decrease their salt intake & should avoid working in Partnership business.
      They can also keep a statue of red faced monkey in West direction.

      Sun in the 8th House:

      They shouldnโ€™t live South facing house.
      They should not lie or try to decieve others.
      They should not spoil relations with their siblings.
      They should not overthink and try to remain optimistic.
      They should not work or support those who do wrong things and try to harm or decieve others.
      They should throw Gur (jaggery) in running water.
      Donate 8kg wheat in the temple.
      Do meditation and keeping a check over your desires will ensure happiness hence it is being said to throw copper coins in burning pyre (Chitta).

      Sun in the 9th House:

      They should keep a control over their anger.
      They should feed red-faced monkeys with Gud (Jaggery).
      They should use utensils made of Brass.
      They should not donate items related to Moon like rice, silver etc;
      They should become strict and disciplined and should follow the rituals and traditions of the ancestors.
      They should grow yellow flowers at home.
      They should not take free items from anyone and should not be a hypocrite.
      They should offer yellow flowers to Lord Shiva.

      Sun in the 10th House:

      They should avoid black and blue colors.
      They should keep their head covered and keep ego in check.
      They should not keep any form of old currency at home.
      They should not keep suspicious nature.
      They should throw Copper coin for 40 days continuously in flowing water.
      They should serve a brown cow.
      Avoid non-veg and alcohol.
      They should avoid West โ€“ entry house.

      Sun in the 11th House:

      Avoid non-veg and alcohol.
      They should not be an athiest and should visit the temple often.
      Keep 11 almonds near the bedside before sleep and the next day offer it in the temple.
      They should not cheat or try to decieve others.
      Obeying the elders and seeking blessings from them is favourable.
      Follow the law and should be of religious nature.
      They should donate Copper utensils
      They should not follow shortcuts and should not sell cracked softwares or items in unethical manner.

      Sun in the 12th House:

      They should not try to eye others stuff and should not try to steal or have a thought as well.
      They should be religious and truthful.
      They should not do any mechanical based works.
      They should not overexert themselves much.
      Feeeding ants with Atta will be beneficial for the native.
      They should avoid taking free electronic items.
      They should not make any toilet below the stairs of the house.
      They should avoid working in partnership business.
      Keeping a fast on Sunday & not keeping any junk in the balcony or backyard shall give beneficial results.

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