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      What are the effects of planet in Capricorn Navamsa?
      Any planet in the navamsa of Capricorn shows results with a long and slow delay. Therefore the planet there needs a constant fight.
      Wherever the Capricorn sign is, the area will seek to delay every time. And shows result very slowly
      Capricorn is a sign of karma. So it gives both +ve and -ve results of that house.
      Venus in Capricorn Navamsa- Native has to leave his house because of his wife. But it helps the native when he leaves his house.
      Rahu or Sun in Capricorn Navamsa- Man goes to travel religious places and bathe Ganga during auspicious or ominous work and one shouldn’t seek publicity after donations.
      Jupiter, Mercury, or Mars in Capricorn Navamsa- the native makes or contributes in making of Dharamshala, temple, or ashram.
      Mars in Capricorn Navamsa- it becomes the karaka of freedom (Mukti). In Mars Capricorn, one should do karma and hard work without being afraid of anything.
      Jupiter in Capricorn- the native form family based on the religion, but should focus on control and not become fanatic about religion. Make rules and regulations.
      Mercury in Capricorn Navamsa- the native doesnโ€™t have courage but is specific for things and that’s why they criticize things, therefore, should avoid criticizing and look for pitfalls in things. You are the gateway but donโ€™t be specific in things.

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