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      Riddhi Parmar

      Namste sir and respected members

      I always wanted to establish my career very well due to various family issues and unavoidable restrictions I was not able to pursue my career while having deep Desire for it since I am of independent in nature.

      Few years back 2021 I got first ever chance to work as Associate professor and was able to go out of my city.
      I was very happy with my work and dedicated myself in work but my co workers never liked me even we are new to each other and played dirty politics and always tried to disrespect me at the end I had to left that job.

      I went thru some months without any job for 4-5 months and was looking for job badly as did not wanted to go back to home. it was like do and die.

      I got another job and soon will complete 1 month at this new job place ,here also my co workers is again playing politics and trying to pull me back even if it’s been 1 month only and we havent yet know each other well.

      lease help me why I am getting this kind of environment at work place why even after being loyal and dedicated to my work I am getting issues with authorities and co workers I am not understanding why they are doing this to me my mental condition is being so upset due to this all as I genuinely want to pursue my career and help students to achieve their goal as it give me immense peace at soul

      Date : 9/9/1994,

      Time: 12:51:00 pm,

      Place: Porbandar, Gujrat.

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      Your question is why you are facing such strong opposition in office as your chart has a strong energy of being a leader but running a dasa of 4th house Saturn – which you are just starting but this dasa will give you isolation, make you dry from inside and without feelings for anyone.

      It is good you are out of house-Can you, please confirm while growing up mother was either missing or unconventionally strict towards you, constantly giving guilt? 2018 was the period when you faced extreme opposition from everyone.

      you should do Pran prathisthaa of Kurma by wearing a silver tortoise ring on Saturn’s finger and you will get a job soon before 19th August. Jsut et us know once you get confirmation.

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      Riddhi Parmar

      Heartily Thanking you so much for replaying 🙏🏻🙏🏻✨

      Yes already started feeling isolated and dry inside

      My mother is very supportive to me and she does all she can to support me in my endeavour and wishes
      I m of independent nature and have goal to uplift people and others with whatever I can and I m of revolutionary nature
      However my home environment always strict and not supportive even for my education and basic freedom and more of torturous for me still my mother always helped me with what she could

      Yes 2018 was very much like that opposition from all side to extreme level

      Thank you for guiding I will surely have kurma ring

      And as mentioned in my question I already got job recently in July only and faced such strange opposition from day 3 only

      Will my all job will be like these only ?
      Or shud I prepare myself well for being leader as I have that immense zeal of helping masses in real way and make them strong specially those who are underprivileged

      Thank you again so so much,
      Inspired by your selfless work and hoping to do same in my filed

      Gratitude 🙏💫💫

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