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      I wish to go to Dubai for job since 8 months I am trying no postive outcome day by day it’s depressing to die with hopes

      I wish to know whether in 2023 I ll go or not to Dubai for job


      Priyanka Parekh.




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      For surely you will be able to go foreign land but after 2023 Nov. Between 2023 nov – 2024 Jul, the prominent yog is happening then.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Dasha of rahu sitting in 4th house is currently running, so you couldn’t go abroad in this dasha. But on 20.11.2023 it’s ending and dasha of 12th lord jupiter is starting. So u will go to foreign place anytime after 20.11.2023. jupiter is sitting in 12th house both in d1 and d9 showing strong connection to foreign land and earn good money there for long term (being 2nd lord in d9). Jupiter dasha will be ending in 2039.</p>


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      Mihir Sawant


      Hello everyone

      I started working Inna chemicals sales company since I got failed in graduation in chemistry. I company is every much completative and removes people’s like it’s nothing. I am beginning to wonder why they have tolerating me from the past 3 months

      Need some advice of the career


      7:40 Am, Mumbai


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      Yes she can go Dubai after 24 November to December month

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      PP : 1st house active

      important year

      starting of something new, personality development, health, body

      through professsion

      saturn = desert area

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      User Avatarvishal.sharma-8935
      • I think u will certainly go to abroad there is no doubt in that but choice of ur country seems to be trouble here… For going to muslim countries involvement of Ketu is must needed,this is what I have observed.. There is no ketu in dasha antardasha…
      • If u go to Canada, USA, australia, New Zealand Or some other western countries, ur dasha and planets will surely won’t disappoint u.
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      Suraj Jaisi Khanal

      Is it Aries lagna-Saturn in 1st,Jupiter-Venus-Mercury is in 12th house,Sun is in 11th house,Ketu in 10th house,Mars is in 7th house,Moon is in 6th house and Rahu is in 4th house?

      If the chart is correct than i think Native will go foreign land In the month of OCTOBER,using the Naisargik Dasha.

      Kaalchakra dasha showing:cancer-leo-cancer-2023-10-12.


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      User AvatarShallu

      since 9th lord jupiter is in 12th house in its own sign pisces with 7th lord venus . Venus is in its exaltation position. Both 7th house and 9th house are responsible for long distance travel . 12th house is the house we check for going abroad. Moreover 4th house has malefic Rahu in it. Jupiter dasha is starting from November. So after Nov chances of nativeย  going abroad are high

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