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      Rinal Dhokai

      In lecture 3 of Hindi classes, Sir was going to say something related to Preeti Yog about their life after 30 years but somebody interrupted to ask a question and it was missed. Could you please share that information related to Preeti Yog.

      Also, One more question was, There could be exceptions in the energy of Preeti Yog like ideally the energy of this yog is person would not be of any help to family and this person’s connections would not be of any help to him / her if they’re friends. Only unknown people would come to help. Sir mentioned in the lecture that there could be exceptions in this energy when it forms YTN yog that is Yoga, Tithi, Nakshatra yog which could result in person being helpful to family members and getting help from friends. Completely opposite to actual energy. So please explain this if possible in detail. Thank you in advance.


      Also, Is there any book to refer to understand the ancient / mythological stories behind these elements? Or any book that could be of help related to Panchang. Please advise.

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      Hello Sir,

      The effects of every Yog can get altered if the other elements are opposing the energy of Yog  – such as if there is influence of Sun/Mars on the Tithi/Vaar/Nakshatra level when the Yog of Vishkumbha is occurring the effects would be different and the native will evetually get a lot of appreaciation and will be able to achieve a good position. Same with Preeti Yog.

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      Rinal Dhokai

      Thank you for explaining Team.

      Could you please explain the priority order of elements?

      And how should we analyse the effect of panchang if tithi lord is Sun but Nakshatra lord is again Saturn and Vaar is Tuesday / Sunday? Will it oppose the Yog energies in such a way that it give positive effects?

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