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      The sign of Libra is our value systems. Any planet in the sign of Libra Navamsh teaches us the value of Money. That planet gives you an initial struggle to teach you the value of money. Because until and unless you understand the value of money, your self-worth, others will never give you attention. Atmakaraka planet in Libra Navamsha gives you the initial obstacles regarding your finance so that you learn to give the right value to the right things. If the planet is like Venus and Moon in Libra navamsha then they teach you the value of money in a soft manner.

      When planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn is placed in Libra navamsha then they teach harshly. Saturn keeps you underpaid initially to make sure you give true value to money, if you learn properly at a later age, Saturn will bless you with your real worth. When Ketu Venus are in Libra navamsha, these natives spend money on their spouse.

      Their spouse will spend their money more than they do for themselves. The best remedy for Libra is, whichever planet is there in Libra, one should donate cloth to the deity associated with that planet. Also, the sign of Libra never promotes ego, that is why the Sun gets debilitated here, so never bring ego while doing business.

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