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      Hello Team,
      Can someone please be kind enough to check these predictions so I know whether I am on the right track?

      Predictions here

      I would also like it if you could specifically point out how the rule of 2 negatives will apply and how the prediction would change. 🙂
      I am perplexed on how to use it.

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      Hello Ma’am, This assignment is on the right track – next time please try the technique in live charts and then write the feedback of the client along with the chart itself – include 7-10 charts. This technique is primarily used in the dasha itself and not normally – its a shapshot method in which you can judge the result of the houses quickly , hence using it when looking at the dasha only will yeild good results.

      The rule of two negatives is that when the hosue and the Lord both make a bad combination it eventually does Good such as 6th lord in 8th , 8th lord in 12th , etc as now the house of enemies itself has gone in house of death hence the native will not have enemies but the same combination can give disesaes which are not detectable – these combinations have their positivies and negatives as well.

      Please refer to the karaka sheet for more details

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