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      Bibarish S

      Please explain how retrograde planets behave in the 1-7 axis of Navamsa. please explain it with an example. (one/two/three retrograde planets in the 1st house or 7th house of Navamsa)

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      A retrograde planet is a mistake in this life as well as in the past life, and navamsa is the fruit of karma. When there is a retrograde planet it shows your mistake and that is why you need to master it and go through the repetition process. Due to the mistakes of the retrograde planet the effects can be seen from navamsh chart as navamsh is the fruits of karma as taught by Deepanshu sir in the Nakshatra astrology course.

      Here in this chart 8th lord is retrograde in the 5th house in aadra(rahu nak) shows the native had intentional relationship break and misbehave also intentional child abortion. Now check it is in the lagna of d9 chart shows the overall picture of marriage, after his marriage he started to face misbehave from his partner and also it is creating lots of problems in his family life.


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