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      Namaste, ive studied jyotish for a while – yet cant yet figure out roadblock for life challenge (career stall and finances weak). Born 3 may 1971 nocton (lincoln closest city) england UK – birtth time after rectification 11 58 am (i used Narasimha Rao Jagganath Hora)

      i wear navaratna mala, help others, be honest, work hard, daily meditate befor sunrise (for years) and daily puja for years (shaodasari usually) and do pradosham abishekham at temple, circumambulate tulsi daily, light ghee lamps, ekadashi fasting, done tarpanam several times, and rudrabishekham at temple for last 2 birthdays

      i feel stuck in career and finances and although i seem to be in rahu mahadasha, jupiter antardasha worshipping Durga Devi at home and temple an wearing gomed and uaing gomed ganesh in puja life seems no different – i do several other remedies too

      is it Rahu or ashtami Shami dev or am i not seeing something

      thanks for any feedback

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