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      Let us look at the meaning and the Practical implementation of the technique – the deeper meaning is Purva Phalguni Nakshatra will show the passion of the native and when this nakshatra has malefics , Nakshatra lord is afflicted or in SBC the planet is troubled then the native will have no motivation and will eventually become Lazy.
      Let us see through examples –
      Example 1: In this chart Venus is in the Nakshatra of P.Phalguni in the 7th house, As Venus is thKarak of Enjoyment, Luxury, Food – the native is always very passionate regarding the same – whenever there is any talk regarding buying food or enjoyment or a party, the native is always very excited but due to the same reason the native had done poorly in his examinations as the native is not interested in studies at all.
      Example 2 – Here Mars is in this nakshatra. As Mars is the karak of Courage, Responsibilities , Protection – the native has taken all the responsibilities of his family , career as well as kids (Sun being with Mars will give the effects in a much more disciplined and cruel way) as he is the only earning member in the family.
      Example 3 – Here the lagan itself is in his Nakshatra but with Gulika but the Nakshatra lord has Digbal – The native always been motivated but after initial struggles – He is Teaching for over 25 years and he has always motivated his students tremendously every single time they are in trouble or going through a tough time. There was even a severe case there her student had to be admitted into an hospital due to a severe brain disease called as MoyaMoya – during that time he was the one to take several rounds in the hospital and support her as well as her Parents and eventually after few months she recovered slowly.

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