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      I am suffering for OCD.I want get rid of it and lead normal life.Pls suggest remedy.

      Name – Abhisek Bose

      D.O.B – 06.05.1988

      T.O.B – 22:56

      P.O.B – Kolkata , West Bengal

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      Hello Sir,


      This problem you are facing is because of Retro sat and moon in lagna of sagittarius lagna, moon here is the 8th lord and saturn is marak. Also the lagna lord Jupiter is in 64th Navamsh as well as combusted

      please perform these remedies below

      1. Wear a Citrine stone of 7 carat in gold/silver in index finger on thursday

      2. Purchase a Narmadeshwar shivling and do abhisekh everyday with raw milk and offer ashtagandh powder tilak to shivji



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      User AvatarAbhisek Bose

      Thanks for the suggestions..but I wore ctrine in index finger..which doesn’t suit me..then what to do??

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