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      Lucid Visions

      Dob : November 21,1990

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      Place : ludhiana Punjab.


      Thanks to everyone in the group for always sharing insights. In this forum I seek answers to the theme of marriage in my life.If eminent members can guide me towards timing, or any remedial measures for marriage. Gratitude 🙏🏻

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      You will get married between 2024 oct and 2025 may. There is combination of sudden/premature death in family history and rituals are not completed properly. Please check this in your family and do pitri pooja.

      Light desi ghee diya in south east direction every day and offer white flowers, pray for blessings from ancestors.

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      User Avatardeepika.rathore

      Date of Birth & Time – 1st July 1994, 7:26a.m.
      Birth place- Delhi, India
      I’ve lost my father in 2021 & My mother’s health isn’t in a good condition. We are 3 siblings. & We are not married. We are like looking for partner but not finding suitable match. I really want to know when will I get Married. I’m really worried about her because she is taking all the burden on herself.
      Please Help me to know.

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      Hello Deepika Ji,

      As per the combinations, it is a delayed marriage. Marriage will happen after 32 age, 2026-27 is prominent.

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