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      shruti Maheshwari

      Hi , DOB – 8/8/1990 ,ย  time – 23:44 pm ,ย  place – Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India ….ย  ย femaleย  ,

      soon would beย  33 … .. never been married …..ย  Can someone please tell when would event of marriage take place ? andย  anything about spouse or regarding marriage / married life …. how it would be ?ย  Thank youย  ..

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      Hello Ma’am,

      There are multiple combinations for the delay in marriage, but in your case it is your mind that is blocking you from choosing the right partner. In your case 7th lord Venus is in 3rd house in Gemini, gemini and 3rd house are your choice and it gives multiple options, now in between multiple options person becomes choosy and wants to go for other better options, and it becomes an endless search. This is the case that is happening in your chart.

      Also, in d9 chart, it is getting confirmation as Mercury in Virgo is present there in your d9 lagna, it shows the habit of nitpicking and the desire to get the perfect partner, this is causing delaay to get married.

      2025 april onwards the time for marriage will start by 2026 march you will get married.

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        shruti Maheshwari

        asking on behalf of a friend –

        42 years old male ,ย  unmarried till date… Just would like to know am I destined for marriage in this life or not ? Is it love or arranged ?ย  ย  ย  23 July 1981 , 2.06 AM ,ย  Mumbai

        thank you

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      shruti Maheshwari

      thank you so much …

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