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      Namaste all๐Ÿ™

      In my chart 7th and 10th lord jupiter for gemini asc, is placed in 11th houseย  in Aries but its zero deg in ashwini nakshatra, and its retrograde ,so will it be considered in 11th house or 10th house? Also venus is in 3rd house in magha nakshatra at 3 deg, both guru planets in ketu nakshatra in gandant.. so what is the karma and what remedy can i do? On and off issues jn marriage and lots of financial issues. Also there is a issue with legs in family, grandfather had it, now my father has it and recenty i have started getting it. Also on and off severe lower back pain. Doc cannot find problem.

      Pob: lasalgaon, maharashtra,

      Tob: 2.19 am
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Dob: 8th sept 1975.</p>

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