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      One of the remedies in Lal Kitab given is that native should wear — Take care of your dress — As original Lal Kitab was written in Farsi and then translated to Hindi and finally to English I am doing a translation so a lot of meanings change as the soul of those words has been changed.

      Most people will take it as that you should wear good clothes but this is not what Lal Kitab meant at all — the purpose of this particular remedy is something else as Mercury is a planet of dual nature which likes to cross dress and opposite to gender also this is the house which determines the quality of our voice, Although we speak from the mouth the base of the voice is determined by your vocal gland in the third house in the thyroid gland and the first symptom to judge or say nishani according to Lal Kitab will be the voice of the native will not have a base according to gender.

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