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      Pranaam Deepanshu Sir and Team Lunar Astro.

      My son is 3YO and is yet to speak and is being monitored as he is displaying nuero divergent traits (sensory issues)
      How can we best support him and will this be the theme of his life?


      dob: 28/2/2020

      time: 16: 04:30

      place: south brisbane

      First Name: Rivan Last Name: Nimmada


      I am greatly indebted for all the knowledge imparted 🙏🙏🙏

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      Hello Ma’am,

      This problem is occurring because of Rahu in Lagna in Mrityu Bhag and the 12th lord of d1 is rising in the d9 chart being 8th lord of d9. That rahu in d1 lagna is affecting the mercury in the d9 chart and is going into the 8th navamsh. The lagna lord Mercury is in 64th Navamsh.

      These are the reason of the problem.

      Please perform these remedies

      1. Wear him a citrine of 5 carats in gold on his little finger/ wear him a citrine in gold chain on nhis eck

      2. Touching his hand offer green color glass bangles 3 Dozzones on a Devi temple on Wednesday and perform it for 10 Wednesdays

      3. Purchase a parad shivling and offer bhang, ashtagandh powder and silver bhasam every day for 84days startistartingnf from shukla Dwadashi tithi.

      4. Play Durga Ashtakam stotram in front of him everyday morning.

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      Thank you very much ji 🙏🙏

      Noted and I will follow these instructions religiously. Will share an update here.

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