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      Jupiter has transited to Aquarius so people will come to you and ask you things signified by the same because whenever any planets transit to a new sign โ€“ you should welcome by offering items.

      So, just like on Sankranti โ€“ we offered wheat, jaggery, rice so similarly you should offer Sugarcane and Pitcher shaped Pumpkin to welcome Jupiter in Aquarius. Most likely Jupiter will come in your life asking for help which you will be reluctant to and feel like being cheated but this is how Jupiter in Aquarius will come. Help for education, kids and other significations of Jupiter will be prominently asked so pay close attention to details as to who is asking & what?
      The work of Jupiter is to provide guidelines and not rules. Even if in your chart โ€“ Jupiter is strong (by strong I mean โ€“ well placed and not aspected by malefics or conjunct malefics).

      And, whenever Jupiter gets afflicted so the organisation, institution or the people suffer as the downfall has now begun because significations of Jupiter are not being taken care of.

      Also, another interesting thing to note is that Jupiter gets exalted 8th from itโ€™s mulatrikon sign (mulatrikon sign is Sagittarius) which is the sign of Cancer so this means that Jupiter will bring major transformation in your life and thatโ€™s the reason why it has got exalted 8th from its own position.

      Remember that any planet which has gone 8th from its own sign or in the 8H will bring major transformations in life whenever its dasha (time period) runs.

      Jupiter is a strategist which provides long term goals in life so no need to worry as he will sort out the mess in each house so our karma gets cleansed in life.

      Jupiter also signifies happiness but your perspective/attitude the same matters so start helping others, make a difference in someoneโ€™s life at the same time work on improving yourself. Gratitude is the key so when you start giving gratitude and change the way you look at things, the things you look will change.

      Bhrigu Dasa Techniques:
      Bhrigu Dasa Technique by KN Rao ji is discussed extensively in the YouTube video embedded into this blog โ€“ please go ahead and watch that as you will see how KN Rao ji goes on to explain the Bhrigu progressions he has used beautifully by simply using natural karakas of planets without any divisional charts at that point of time in a live class.

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