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      Sanjay Piplani

      Tanuj: date of birth 01/2/1997 1205 PM Jorhat Assam
      My son an Engineer, is looking for a job since one year. I would like to know the likely time he will get one. He is currently running Sat Rahu Till Oct 24.
      Saturn is 9th lord in rashi, placed in 10th house in D10. Rahu is 10th lord in D1 and D10. It is placed in 5th house with mars, aspected by Saturn from 11th house and Jupiter from 9th house.In D10 Rahu is in 3rd aspected again by jupiter.
      Will Saturn Rahu Venus (D1 & d10 Lagna lord) or give a job in field of Petroleum, marine engineering.

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