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      There are several timing techniques mentioned by our Great Rishis in several classics. Lets look at one of those techniques – from BPHS. Among the first few chapters, only Maharshi Parasara mentions the results of each house along with the timing in certain slokas. Now one of them is the house code which has already been taught before in the Happiness Series. If someone is unaware of the code, please refer to the video –ย

      There are several events that occur each year, but any major event will only occur with those planets which are in the special positions such as Exalted, Debilitated, Digbali, etc.

      Today in this article we will look at a few charts in which we will see the special results of each year through the house code and try to practically understand how the code is working in the chart.

      In the above chart, let’s look at the 5th house of the native. Here, 5th house has Capricorn which shows struggles and hard work in relationships but also the partner can be older and its dispositor being with Rahu confirms the same that something is very odd related to age or caste of the partner will be there.

      The native went into a relationship in March 2021. It was the 2nd house Cycle and antar-dasha was of the 8th house.

      Now the dasha and antar-dasha is in 1-7 axis with Moon (dispositor of 7th lord) and Moon is debilitated.

      In Aries, Saturn is debilitated hence results of Saturn will also come this year – Saturn is the 5th lord of relationship in the 9th house while its dispositor is exalted. In 2021, the native got into a relationship with a person who was over a decade older than the native, and the whole relationship is hidden from among the two families. Since Moon is debilitated, the nativeโ€™s relationship with their mother worsened and she faced a lot of fears and panic attacks due to the relationship itself.

      Now, similarly the exaltation planet in Aries is Sun and Sun is in Gemini with Mercury so the same year, the nativeโ€™s relationship with his maternal family became very bad as the native took a stand against the wrongdoings which they were doing against the native. Sun gave the energy and courage to fight back which the native was previously not doing at all.

      Let us look at another chart now;

      In this chart, the native went into a relationship in March 2019 with a native who was his neighbor (same locality). Now, notice that the 3rd lord in 7th house that too in Gemini.

      In this case, too again – the 2-8 axis is active which has the natural energy of Venus 1/7 so in this chart 8th house is aspected by the 7th lord as A4 is in the 8th house.

      Now, letโ€™s check the special planets for this year. It is Mars and Jupiter.

      Mars being debilitated is the 5th lord of relationships and is in the 12th house with Md & Gk so the native went into the new relationship this year and it was a very quick decision of the native to propose the girl like just Aries – the relationship was hidden initially but till date & the parents of the girl do not know about it as well as the relationship became physical later on (Mars in 12th house).

      During the same year, Jupiter will also give results being the 4th and lagna lord in 6th house. On the nativeโ€™s birthday itself that year, the construction of his house started to add another floor along with the roof. The construction started by eventually it got delayed due to the involvement of Jupiter with Saturn.

      These are some of the ways in which you can check the events which will happen each year & if Jupiter or Mars would have been in actually debilitated or exalted state then the events would have been more prominent such as in chart 1 – dispositor of Saturn is exalted in 12th house which gave such an odd relationship.

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