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      Jyoti Aniket Jadon

      Good morning Team lunar astro,

      I have one chart with debt issues, their business is going into losses and due to which they have lakhs of loan from bank. Their money is stuck in previous project billing as well, they have completed project but company is not clearing bill so they had to invest their own money by taking loan.

      Can you please guide by what time period their loan will be cleared and how to get that stuck money.

      Also the native wants to shut this business and start something new . Is there any such possibility in this chart . Right now this native is working in partnership.

      I have asked this person to start donating and to distribute sharbat in workers. Also I asked him to distribute spicy kadhi chawal to get hold of their business.

      Have I recommended right remedies? If not please guide how to help this native.

      D.O.B-  05/07/1989 (5 JULY 1989)


      TIME: 05:08AM

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