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      As Lal Kitab is a book of pending karma and to decode it you need to think beyond the literal terms on what is written but more on why it is written?

      Any remedy in Lal Kitab is done with logic and it gives good results when we understand the true meaning of the remedy, such as there is a remedy of Venus in 6th house that husband should give a gold pin in wife’s hair for better married life and see how to make interpretations of this particular remedy.

      Saturn is a planet that is exalted in the 7th house which belongs to marriage and Saturn is also significator your hair, as well as your profession and Lal Kitab, has pointed out several times about hair such as Sun in 10th house native should not die his hair as it activates Saturn and Lal Kitab is deeply into how our daily actions activate different planets and more than correction, it suggests the prevention by your daily acts such as dressing up, eating habits and general day to day protocols to be followed by native.

      One of the dictums I got from someone in the family was -girls who have thick long black hair do not have good married life and surprisingly I found it true in so many cases when started observing, Secondly the girls who keep their hair open all the time suffers a lot of trouble in marriage.

      Now let us dig deep into this sutra- In earlier times open hair of women use to be an indication of either widowed or someone who is open to all relations in terms of business, Similarly for men as well, the one without a cap or tied Shikha is to be considered the person without morals and family lineage and called as malechas as the cap is your status and the moment you leave the house you should have your cap on to tell everything about your family that is why only by the style of cap, people can identify the area, village, and family of the native.

      Saturn being the stability of marriage when you do pressing in hair which is applying heat to the Saturn- you will have two effects of this act now- one is the effect in your profession and another effect will be in your married life as now you have added Mars to Saturn so fight is inevitable and depending on the house where your Saturn is placed this effect will be more prominent.

      Lal Kitab gives a beautiful remedy of Venus in 6th house to apply golden pin to wife’s hair as this is a very thoughtful remedy -first of all, women love the gold ornaments so when placed in the hair, It is only possible when the wife will do comb and keep hair tied up and then only she will be able to apply pin so the negative effect or uncontrollable effect of Saturn will go away.

      As when Saturn gets controlled or tied by Jupiter both of them will now be tied by religious foundations and the open end principles which they were not following earlier will now start following as marriage is an institution if dharma is not applied to it and people start following their own rules it leads to breaking of marriage.

      Open hair represents not following traditions or denying rules which are specified for marriage, so if anyone who is experiencing marriage trouble men or women look at their hair, you will get the clues related to married life and their perspective towards following the rules.

      Any point of time if you go for any kind of activity in your hair such as pressing, coloring or any other modern stuff which exist you will found withing matter of few hours something related to married life and profession both of them will happen at the same time, similarly color of your hair if you choose to be opposite of the planet in your 10th house then also it affects the 10th house and 7th house badly.

      So this is a Sutra of tieing your hair and for men as long as you keep it organized, apply oil regularly and looks presentable both your married life and business will work out such as if someone has Mars in 10th house and if native start applying coconut oil which belongs to moon, it is going to bring negative effect while mustard oil will help, Similarly Jupiter in 10th house and doing head massage with desi ghee oil will not only help in business but also the health benefit for the native, Similarly Venus in 10th house should do head massage with white Makhan once in a week and all these remedies are ayurvedic remedies for health as well.

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