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      Ravi Kumar

      Respected Deepanshu Sir & Astrologers of Lunar Astro,

      My 20 months old son is suffering from Fever issue (symptoms of Dengue). He is being treated by doctors in delhi.

      However, In the span of 20 months he has suffered with the condition of fever (102’f) for around 6-7 times.

      Whenever we do pooja in our home or I starts some pooja rituals he gets sudden sickness from nowhere.

      Birth Details (Born after next day of full solar eclipse on 04/12/2021)

      Date- 05/12/2021, time : 11:13AM, New Delhi
      I have performed Mool Shanti Pooja after his birth as per suggestion of our family members.

      I request you to kindly help me so that his condition improves. Is there any kind of pending ritual which i need to perform?



      Ravi Kumar

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