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      This native has been suffering from digestive pbs for over 20 years.
      What is creating these bad digestive issues?

      5L Sa is well positioned. 5L Ra in 8H Tau >> maybe the food she eats is creating the pbs? Ke in 2H could also contribute to poor food choice? In this case which types of food should she avoid?
      6L Ju in Lagna. Ju is in gandanta – maybe that causes pbs. Also there is Papakartari yoga from Ke and Ma.
      Su aspects 5H >> bringing pitta – good.
      Ma aspects 6H >> bringing pitte – good.
      2H is Sco so unsolvable troubles related to food – but that would be more regarding food habits.

      Is this enough to cause such digestive pbs for so long?
      She has seen many doctors who haven’t been able to help her.

      Someone else even wondered if there could be some psychosomatic pbs related to her digestion.

      Would love some input if you see something I missed.

      Thank you

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