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      Destiny Year of Life ā€“ Bhrigu Sutram

      Destiny year is the year in which you will do the most important karm (deed) of your life as this is the year when your karm (deed) of Ascendant lord will give the result in various ways.

      This is one of the best method of timing the events to see when planets will give result in which year.

      For example, using this system you can find the date of marriage, job or any other good or bad events as well.

      Bhrigu system of astrology has many dasas in which timing can be done and during the course of the video, I have explained only few of them.

      Please test on various charts and see how efficiently is this system working and give us the feedback below here or in the YouTube video comments.

      For significations, please use Lal – Kitab or Nadi books as these two systems are the best when it comes to learning the significations of the houses and planets in the birth chart.

      Now, coming back to the topic ā€“ so I was trying to figure out while studying as to why people who got the nobel prize where given one during that particular year only?

      In search for that ā€“ I came across Venus in Astrology (book) by KC Saxena so KN Rao ji has written that he had the techniques of Bhrigu rishi.

      And, then I got those notes as well who was given by a very senior astrologer. I saw that there were ā€˜nā€™ amount of systems so when nature has to give you the answer ā€“ it will find a medium to get it delivered so nature will give you that burst and it is not limited to one person but to each and everyone who is involved in that work.

      So, before I was about to forget this system because I had used it extensively and got bored of it ā€“ I wish to give it out here so please check out the YouTube video mentioned below for more information and how you can practically apply this system on to the charts.



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