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      Shruti Varma


      I hope you all are doing well. After a lot of deliberation on whether to post on the forum or not, I decided to seek guidance to help me navigate through the situation Iโ€™m in.

      Iโ€™m currently in US searching for Job opportunities after completing my Masters. We have visa restrictions due to which I only have 2 months left to find a job. My University reached out to me regarding a part-time role of being a professor and teaching graduate students which I happily said yes to. Now Iโ€™m currently in search of full-time job opportunities, I have one company โ€œAโ€ whose final round would be conducted anytime this or next week and I also have another company โ€œBโ€ where I gave an interview today and was selected but I got selected due to the influence of my Sister. If the company gets to know Iโ€™m related to my sister, she will be in trouble and Iโ€™m also feeling very uneasy about accepting the role as it goes against my ideologies of โ€œmujhe apne paero par khade hona hai, kisi ka aesaan nhi lena haiโ€ but my sister is insisting to take on the job as she has put in too much effort to get me the job.

      Iโ€™m split and I donโ€™t know what to do.

      On one hand I need a fulltime job to let me stay in the country on the other hand I want the job by my own hard work and credentials.


      1) Would I get a job offer from company A whose final round is pending?

      2) Should I go against my ideologies and say โ€œyesโ€ to the job offer at my sisterโ€™s company?

      3) Is being a Professor a good decision ?


      Birth : 23/7/1996

      Place: Bhopal

      Any advise to help me thru this situation would be truly appreciated. Have a wonderful and productive day ahead!


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      Dear Ma’am,

      The questions you have asked need a minute analysis of your chart, please go with consultation for this.

      Other than that, yes a teacher/counsellor/consulting profession is good for you

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      Shruti Varma

      Thankyou so much for the response, really appreciate it.

      I really wanted to go for a consultation but the dates available are too far out starting with mid September.

      I’m just going to leave things in god’s hands and see what unfolds.

      Thankyou again!

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