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      Please see my assignment attached.

      Thank you!

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      Hello Magali Ji,
      please also check the planet is going which navamsh then you an get best idea what will happen in that age. as this course belongs to advance level, here we need to check the navamsh also, in the first case the year 16th give mars results as dk, also check mars is in which navamsh and nakshatra.

      yes dk planaet can give relationship, here you can use jaimini black chart predictions as dk is placed in the sign of dk.

      o=in 17+ it was 18th running, please use normal bcp and check what is happening, 6th house was activated in the age 17+ thar is 18th year going.

      Venus is with a4 also check Venus is is in which navamsh and nakshatra.

      28th year moon activation, please check whether residential place change happened / any travel for the same

      Yes, special positions planet give more prominent results in a chart.

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      Thank you for your response.

      I have not taken the Navansha course fully yet and taken notes. I will do so once I finish the Yogini course (half way through now).

      As for checking the placements for chart #1 like you suggested:

      – 6H at 18 yo >> cap in 6H – nothing work related happened.

      – After all I do not think that Ve as Putrakaraka is showing a change of home – even with A4.

      – 28th year moon activation >> nothing significant happened with residence nor travel.


      Honestly, it looks like the house dasha technique for karaka reading is giving better results – especially when the planet is in a special house position.


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