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      The shloka quoted in the Video ( is from Chandra kala nadi and by decoding a single dictum -we know rishis are using progression of planet to give results of dasa, Then there are some special rules related to dasa progression as in Chandra kala nadi -no one will write specially that you should special rules related to rules of dasa progression -It is same in Bhrighu Samhita- as only results will be written and you have to write down back story on your own.

      So there were 81 more shloka or rules where I found rules of dasa progressions are there but planets are not there where they are suppose to give results as planets will change speed in one house for particular combination and also stay in a house for a longer time period to deliver some special results and sometimes speed up to reach a particular destination.

      Vedic Progression by DS Mathur Ji- is a good book but it is not from chandra kala nadi and does not cover special rules and exceptions- However it does give a wonder overview of using various rules of progression.
      I think as said in Gochar Phal Deepika- A planet gives results of all 12 houses and then he has used various parameters- I have not used principle made in the book much as focus is chandrakala nadi.

      So out of 81 rules here are 2 special rules.

      1) Any planet which has lost dig bala for example Sun in 4th house will not work with his own speed and will be dependent on speed of planet sitting with it, If planet is sitting alone then -it will acquire speed of rasi lord.

      2) Any planet sitting in 4th to own house -will start progression from 4th from natal position only if Ketu is not placed in the 4th house to natal position. If ketu is placed then it will start from where Rasi lord of ketu is posited in the chart- In case Ketu and rasi lord are conjucted then next house from this -Journey will start.

      There are in total 81 rules I have found which are simple and easy to follow in dasa progression but when you are using chandra kala nadi -Please do not mix Vedic progression book in it -Read between the lines of every dictum of chandra kala nadi as every prediction given such as in Dasa of Jup Rahu health of nativeโ€™s mother will go bad after 3/4 of the dasa when Jup placed in 9th house- This is one such example of speed change and you have to look for similar examples with various dasas to come up with rules โ€“ This will take time but trust me it is worth every minute you spend.

      These rules are more helpful and increase predictive ability when you know energy of Rasi and Nakshatras and can apply the results in progression.

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      Priya Gupta

      I am undergoing moon mahadasha I am student currently preparing for chartered accountancy course I am unable to control my mind. Dob-2/5/2002 02:08am dhamtari can I control my mind ?

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