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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Jupiter in D60 – Technique of snapshot prediction

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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Namaste everyone,

      I learnt this technique by going through Lunar Astro volume 4 magazine – an article by Kartikeya Mishra. Thanks for awesome snapshot technique Sir!!

      1. technique is simple – 12th house from Jupiter placement in D60 is the planet whose signification somehow gets lost in life( not all but some)

      Eg –
      moon is mother, emotions
      mars is property, land
      venus is spouse, relations
      ketu is matenal grandparents
      rahu is paternal grandparents, regular income
      mercury is kids, documents
      saturn is profession, staff etc

      So Rule got confirmed in few charts – my observation is below –

      1. One of the chart has libra rising in D60, Jupiter is in 5th house aquarius and venus is 12th from Jupiter in capricorn – SPOUSE died after 4 years of marriage and still in 2nd marriage he is very dissatisfied in terms of relations. His Moon is in 8th house in D60 in Taurus so emotional troubles in family.
      2. one of Chart has Saturn( in 7th house in Gemini) which is 12th from Jupiter in 8th in cancer – no customers in trading profession since last 18 years.
      3. Now there is a chart where 12th to Jupiter is aquarius with no planets and Rahu is having aspect from Ve Ketu Sun Saturn – Elder sibling married life is not good and has many problems of Ego clashes.
      4. One of chart D60 is virgo rising and Jupiter is in Leo in 12th – 12th from Jupiter is cancer – lord moon in taurus – dispositor venus in virgo(neech) and dispositor mercury is in 8th house of Aries. Mercury here is lord of profession too – vegetables Alu Pyaz trader- Loss of profession to elder brother- 11th house which is cancer again – moon in taurus so happily gave him everything in career got separated.
      5. One of chart has D60 aquarius rising and Jupiter in lagna of D60, 12th to Jupiter is Mercury in capricorn- One of sibling is strugling with respect to profession.
      6. ONe chart has taurus in 12th to Jupiter- loss of all savings and drunkyard took his life so Taurus being 12th to jupiter is bad drinking addiction. His D60 has Moon in aquarius in 2nd house ( rahu lord which is addiction) and aspect of mars, saturn.

      So verified in multiple charts and once again salute to Kartikeya Mishra and Deepanshu Sir for bringing up such awesome magazine every quarter.

      Nitesh Alag

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