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      In today’s age, the average marriage year has been extended significantly than the previous generation. Even though in some cases it takes too long for a native to get the happiness of marriage. Here are a few unknown and less discussed combination which cause a delay in Marriage.

      1. One of the most seen combinations for delay in marriage is Jupiter-Venus 6-8/ 2-12 to each other. To get any happiness or any social celebration and acceptance you need the blessings of Jupiter. In the case of marriage Jupiter’s well relationship with Venus gives blessings of marriage early or in right time. But when Jupiter and Venus are in shadashtak (6-8th) to each other or Dwidwadash(2-12) to each other it creates obstacles and eventually causes a delay in marriage.

      2. Another combination is of Sambandh between the Tithi lord and the 7th lord. The tithi lord is also a very important factor for marriage. When the 7th lord and tithi lord are in 6-8th/2-122th to each other it creates delay and emotional problems in marriage and relationship.

      3. Whenever the signs fall in 6th 8th and 12th house in d1 chart rise in the lagna of d9 chart it creates delay in marriage.

      4. Retrograde 7th lord or retrograde planet placed in 7th house of d1 chart or in llagna of d9 chart casues delay in marriage.

      5. 8th lord of d9 chart when makes any connection with lagna of d9 chart or 7th lord of d1 chart it also creates delay in marriage.

      6. Saturn in lagna of d9 chart shows native has to marry against his will, sometimes it also casues delay in marriage.


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      Sudha Shah

      Jupiter in six house in Capricornย 

      venus in eight in piciess

      leo acessand

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        Sudha Shah Ji, In this case also shows obstacles in marriage, check d9 also.


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        Saturn in Lagana aspecting 7th, will cause delay in marriage too and marriage will happen between 36 and 42

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      My brother marriage is called off After fixing the marriage dates. The only reason is the girls father. He is creating a lot of issues, even his daughter and whole family wants to make this marriage. We don’t know all of a sudden why he is behaving like this. He is the first person who brought this proposal. Now the girl loves my brother very much and wants to marry him. Now she is fighting with his own father for what he is doing. So please tell me why the marriage is called off ? What’s in his mind? If it is OK if we proceed further as our family is suffering a lot because of this? Please guide us.

      July 18 1993

      10:50 am


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        Sri Ji, in your brother’s chart Mars is causing the problem, as it came in Pratyantar under antardasha of Venus it creates fight and problem, please check the d9 chart, it is very clear there, Mars in 7th house in LLibra in d9 chart and the dasha is- Sat-Ven-Mar

        Please perform the remedies of Mars- offer red bastra to hanumanji temple

        It was taught by Deepanshu sir in the Karma relationship course.

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      Vijay Laxmi

      Yes , do agree to few points and i have observed in my own chart as well.

      My saturn is in lagna in D9 in scorpio with Jupiter. But my marriage was with my will. There was delay . .

      Even 8th lord of D9 which is mercury makes a connection with lord of lord of lagna with is mars in 12th house . Mercury and mars placed in 12th house with Venus.

      If i look at d1 chart venus and Jup are conjunct and placed together. But my 7th lord sun is 12th hosue.ย  So 2th and 12th connection is there. But, in bhav chalit , both Jupiter and venus move to 12th house.

      So my only question is will this be considered as 2 /12 connection or not ?

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        Vijay Laxmi Ji,

        In your case d9 Jupiter helped and subdue saturn. It was taught in Karma Relationship course by sir.

        These combinations are only for d1 and d9 not for bhav chalit

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      Anurag Singh

      I do have Venus in 4th Scorpio (Leo) nd Jup in 9th Ariesย  both 6-8 to each other .. how to cure this .. I am still young 23 ..

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        Anurag Singha Ji,

        First suggestion for you to never say any bad words to any women also always take blessings from mother/mother like figure .


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      Influence of slow moving planets particularly Jupiter and Saturn in seventh house and seventh lord or karaka Venus also shows delay in marriage.
      Also, impact of retrograde planets shows repeated efforts, hence either the marriage is delayed and native has to try more or after marriage, efforts are required to keep a healthy marriage.
      One important thing we need to keep in mind about the area of the native particularly, as in Rajasthan even 27 is delay while in Bengal 30+ is considered normal.

      Another concept that works well, I have adopted that from Western astrology, is the idea of Hyleg planets. To sum up, well placed Sun in female gives early marriage (especially not in trishdaya or trik bhava)
      And for males, a well placed moon gives marriage at right time.

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        Garav Ji, Thank you so much for your input and participation.

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      User AvatarNidhi Jhingan

      Sir but what about twins?? When they have similar combinations but still one gets married on time but the other one is delayed….(maybe they have no desire also…hehehe)…my primary question: these combinations are true for my case….but not for my twin!! So how to interpret or make predictions in case of twins??

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        Nidhi Jhingan Ji,


        We have already answered the same question asked in the facebook group

        there are so many factors that make/break our life, among them one is the birth chart from d1 and d9, then there are other divisional chart, then there is the energy of name, you might get a name to someone which is absolutely against to the energy he/she is carrying, on the other hand, you can get a name that synchronized to your energy and helps you to grow in life. Then it comes the samskara of soul. Then it comes about how you can utilize your energies, planets can work on higher frequencies and lower frequencies, we are also responsible that how we can manage the energies of planets.


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      User Avatarsrishti.seth

      My birth details is 10 Dec 1990 8:40 delhi. I am trying from last 7 years to get married. Nothing happening .Did remedies n pooja

      When will I get married pls ? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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      User AvatarNeha Kedia

      . My details are

      28 dec1981



      Aries ascendant jupiter7 house venus in 10 house .

      My 7 house lord venusย  sitting in 10 house all I heard I will get someone from my workplace.i am at home ,no proper job or social life or friends or husband .

      This combination also delay marriage or no marriage





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        Neha Kadia Ji,

        In the your chart 8th lord of d9 chart is in lagna of d1 chart.

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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hey sir..i m ur fan from pakistan.. i got engaged 2 times one was in 2017 and the other one was 2019 but</p>
      Both broked up after engagement or rishta paka cermony after 1 or 2 week.. now i m in 30s and very difficult to get married ..i did remedy of saturn rahu ketu jupiter mars( saturn( kali urad ki daal) ketu( gave roti to dog) jup( turmwric bath on thursday.. nothing worked till now. Its been years.. some says find a rishta from abroad.. my ex fiance was also from abroad but from gulf countries.. we r so tired now..cox people are now a days very fraud from abroad ..and i m getting over aged now…dont know from which forum u should try.. through relatives me n my family tried .marriage beauru .match makers matrimonial groups..etc etc..tired and pissed of now. I m virgi lagna my 7th lord and 2nd lord in 12 saturn in date of birth is


      26 oct 1991



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      User Avatarusha.pandey

      Rahu in 7th house cancer lagna 7th lord in 6th house and mercury and venus cumbust in 5th and venus in 0 degree house mars retro in 11 th house
      All bad como is in my chart
      Only one good this is jupiter in lagna
      D9 leo lagna 5th house saturn and jupiter conjunction
      Delay due to my study n job
      And one more thing my elder sister ka bhi nahi huwa hai sadi yesa lagta hai sab ka sadi ruk gaya hai hamare family mein
      I donโ€™t why

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        Usha Pandey Ji,


        For cancer asc Jupiter in lagna is highly negative for marriage and marital bliss. It shows marriage with God.


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      Smita Nayak

      Sir, my daughter has this combination . Venus in 2 nd house and Jupiter retro in 7 th house, Aquarius ascendant. Birth details are 22/04/1992..
      Time 2:42 am , Mumbai.
      Please can you suggest a remedy to help her get married. We r worried ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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        Smita Nayak Ji,

        There are multiple factors in your daughter’s chart, it needs a holistic analysis. I recommend you to take session for the same. It will be better for you and your daughter.

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      User AvatarRiku Forsell

      I have Tithi Lord Venus and 7th lord Saturn in 2/12 and also 8th house rising in D9. I’m almost 36 and not married. Also I’m sure if I really want to be married. I mean I want to be in relationship but marriage is not so important for me.

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        Riku Forsell Ji,

        Thank you for confirming. Happy Learning.

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      Subhajit Mondal

      I have some of these combinations

      I am a scorpio lagna

      1. Jupiter-Venus 2-12 to each other. Jupiter ketu in 4th house(Aquarius sign) and moon venus in 3rd house(capricorn sign).

      2. 12th house of d1 chart libra sign rise in the lagna of d9 chart it creating delay in marriage.

      3.8th lord of d9 chart venus when makes any connection with lagna of d9 chart (libra sign rising) in d9.

      4. Also in d1 chart saturn 3rd aspect from 5th house to my 7th house, moon venus in sign of capricorn.

      All the combinations together creating delay. Majority of times relationship ends withoutย  any major reasons and opportunities to meet someone also gets skewed with these combinations.


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      Pranay Verma

      Well, I’ve got Saturn in 7th house in both D1 and D9 chart. In D1 it is in Aquarius and in D9 in Capricorn. It’s not gonna happen for me anytime soon. Born in 1994.

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      Sneha Gujjari

      I do have 6-8 relationship jupiter venus. Venus exalted in pisces. Leo ascendent and 7th house lord saturn sitting in 7th house.

      birth details-4th march 1994

      6:07pm, warangal.telangana.

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      User AvatarSeema

      My son is 30 yrs..not getting good proposals,or its not get nod from other sude.he stammers a bit on meeting new peopfor the first time.His career is also not appreciateย  with his working hours. He is Maglik too. His details are

      dob 19-06 1993,

      tob 12:15afternoon

      pob Mumbai

      Pls guide me snd share remedy ๐Ÿ™

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      Harshit Bahal

      Sir in my chart


      Moon in punarvasu

      . jupiter in 3rd venus in 10th.. 6 8 to each other

      D9 lagn and 8th lord same i.e. aries rising and has moon in d9 lagn

      Venus mercury both combust by sun


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        Harshir Bahal Ji,

        Thank you for your input. Sir bolte hain, kuch chize bhog lena hi achaa hota hain, just go with the flow.

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        User AvatarSeema

        La crew..agar,aap ko selective reply dene hai ..then aap ne forum kyo open kiya aur request Kiya to share. We had trusted you and in good faith shared.

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          Harshit Bahal

          Bhog lena achha hota hai means

          Shadi kr lu ya nhi kru..kar ke bhogu to kya fayda shadi krke..agar bhogna hi likha to kyu kru..

          Mai shadi kru ya nhi…I didn’t understand sir..plz clarify

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      Kcoral Gadakh

      Namaskar Deepanshu ji… Sagittarius ascendant and Jupiter is in 7th house and shukra is in 4th house exalted…and in d9 chart I have libra rising and Venus and moon is 11th house..and 7th house sun exalted and in lagna mercury…I believe Deepanshu Sir will reply to this.

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      Gulshan kanodia

      Respected sirย  point 4th and 6th is working in one couples janam patris. In girls Patri she has 12th house retro saturn as lord of her 7th house leo lagna and in her husband chart he has saturn in mesh in navnasha lagna and one more thing it’s is a ka4mic marriage I can tell u one sign may be I am wrong but they feel like they know each other from somewhere and in husband Patri he has venus in Sagittariusย  u told us that Sagittarius is rashi of promise..ย  he has made a promise to her and just keeping his promise. I might be wrong.. pls excuse me for this..ย  regards


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      Ripudaman Tiwari

      Gemini asc Venus asc 7 lord retro Jupiter aspect sutarn pisec 10aspect,d9 Aries asc Scorpio sign Jupiter delay marriage ..?

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      Jitendra Khater

      Dear LA Crew

      I want to know about the concept of second marriage.

      I was married (against my will) in the year 2014. After a couple of months my father passed away. Few months after that we got separated and then after a lot of turmoil, we got divorce in the end of 2016.

      Can someone predict when will I get married and how my life partner would be. Is there any specific remedy for second marriage that can be performed?


      My D.O.B: 18/11/1985

      T.O.B.: 23:55

      P.O.B: Kolkata

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        Jitendra Khater Ji,

        In lunar Astro Magazine 2023 Jan edition there is a article on combination of 2 marriages, your chart has same combination.

        I recommend you to go with a comprehensive analysis with consultation, it will be better for you.

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      Shraddha Panse

      I do have Venus & Rahu in 4th Capricon & Jupitor in 9th Gemini, delay in marriage?

      Date of birth:16-12-1989

      Time:3.45 am

      Place: Yavatmal



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      User Avatarshwethapillai

      Hi Sir,

      I have retro saturn in 7 house and my husband also has retrograde Saturn in 7 house. Both of us are Taurus lagna. I got married at the age of 28. My 7 lord mars is in lagna

      Dob 25/4/87

      8.20 am




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      Aparna 07

      SO TRUE SIR ,In my chart (Pisces ascendant) tithi lord Venus(14th lunar day) with 7th lord Mercury in 5th house but combust.

      Venus in 5th house and Jupiter in leo 6th house 2/12 .

      My age 31 any Remedy sir

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      User AvatarParam Saini

      Hello Sir,
      I have 4 out of these 6 combinations mentioned.
      I am 29 years old and going to start Ketu-Venus dasha soon.
      Is it fine to get married in this dasha or wait 6-7 years for venus dasha to start?

      6 aug-1994
      3:55 pm
      Ludhiana, Punjab

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        Param Saini ji, you can start looking for but go after 30+ age

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      User AvatarJanae Davis

      I am a libra ascendant, birth details April 2,1990 at 11:25pm Saginaw Michigan,usa. I’ve never been married I have 5 kids with my last partner.ย  I so badly want to find a good life Partner.

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      Teju K

      I have 3combinations
      *7th Lord d1 jupiter in 7th house d9

      *8th house d1 rising sign Aries d9

      *D9 lagna Lordย  Mars in 8th house.

      I am not able to getting marriage proposals


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      My cousin is not getting married and her mom is not worried about this

      30 jan 1991

      8:50 pm

      Jammu, Jammu Kashmir

      Any guidance or remedy๐Ÿ™

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      User AvatarMagali159

      Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge Deepanshu ji.

      The native below married at 23 yo although he meets several of the criteria for late marriage:

      1. Ju/Ve are in 6/8 in D1 >> bad

      2. TL is Ve – conjunct 7L Me >> good

      3. D9 Lagna is 8H of D1 >> bad

      4. SaR in D9 Lagna >> bad

      5. 8L and 1L Ve are the same in D9, and 8L of D9 Ve is conjunct 7L in D1 >> bad

      6. Sa in D9 Lagna >> bad

      Why did this native marry so young? He has been married for almost 14 years now.


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        User AvatarYash Agarwal

        Dear Magali ji,

        Could you please confirm if the birth time is accurate?
        Also, can you please share the birth details of this chart as I want to see the dashas operating.
        I am working deeply on dashas and looking for such charts where things seem to happen against the chart combination but are actually happening because of powerful combinations in dashas.
        More interestingly, Iโ€™ve seen that when people get married at a time they should not have, it ends up in a permanent or temporary separation. It seems that here the native has been married for long.

        I would also like to share one input here:

        Look at the chart of American actress Shirley Temple. First marriage ended in divorce and she got married for the second time. As per the chart, second marriage should have ended with horrible separation and very large scale conflicts and unresolvable disputes.
        However, this didnโ€™t happen. Instead, within few weeks after marriage, America started a war where her husband was an important army general. They had to shift home and her husband got sent away on a devastating war. He came back after a year and the couple remained married for around 50 years until their death, had children, and a blessed married life. I think her husband going for the war worked as a god-sent remedy because when I was analysing the chart before reading the story, I also came up with similar remedies to allow the couple to remove their aggression through martial arts etc and even stay separate for a few days every few weeks. ย I think such miracles could only be because of blessings of elders/guru/god or because of good kriyaman karma of current life. I did not check the prashna of the time I was analysing the chart else we could confirm this as well.

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          User AvatarMagali159

          Dear Yash ji,

          Here are the details:

          July 2, 1986


          Los Angeles, California USA

          Interesting what you explain about Shirley Temple. I haven’t learned how to study first, second, third marriage etc. Where did you learn it?

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            User AvatarYash Agarwal

            Dear Magali ji,

            Thank you for sharing the details of the native.

            Regarding subsequent marriages – it has been taught by Deepanshu sir in the karma and relationships course (he has also mentioned it in some of his videos / blogs here and there).
            Commonly, people use either the 9th lord (3rd from 7th) or 2nd lord (8th from 7th) for 2nd marriage with various classical references and logics associated with them. Deepanshu sir has taught using 9L, 11L, etc, for 2nd and subsequent marriages (of course after his testing) and the same has been giving me good results in testing as well as actual use.

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