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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      BPHS – Chapter 17 Verse 23-25 states : Danger through water will be feared during the 5th and 9th years if Sun is in the 6th or 8th while Moon is in 12th from said Sun (meaning Moon in 5th and 7th).

      Also, in this same thread decode further : Saturn in 8th and Mars in 7th will cause small-pox in the 10th and 30th year of age and try to find out as to why the rishi has mentioned small-pox with the combination mentioned before.

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      0n 10th year : 10th house got activated where Jupiter got debilited and karaka of 10th house sun mercury and Saturn where as mars got exalted mars mars and mercury one of the karaka for 6th house of diseases mercury, so its Saturn mars got activated gives mercury (skin) the small pox.

      on 30th year :8th house where karaka of that house is also saturn mars and rahu. so activating mars too also give smallpox. Rahu too karaka of 6th house Diseases from virus.I believe this is why rishi said this 10th year and 30th year. I may be wrong






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      Content Team

      Hello Mam ,
      The Analysis is nice but only focusing on Mars and Saturn would have given the result, because Parashar Rishi only gave Mars and Saturn in the sloka.
      So Mars being the Natural lagan lord is getting active in 10th year. Mars is in the 7th house where Saturn is Exalted and Saturn is in the 8th house which is giving the Small Pox. Mars is also in a Marak house.

      30th Year again Mars Saturn connection is forming which is giving the Small Pox.

      Also please explain the 1st Sloka which is mentioned.

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      User AvatarAnkit Patel

      As mentioned in google , small pox is viral disease which happens to affect skin n other organs as surface level. Now mercury did not come into the picture as we have mars n Saturn only. Mars in 7 th in marak n also maran karak stan where interaction with world is limited by small pox is indicated. Yes saturn which is exalted placed in 8 th gives adverse effect. In 30 th year also ketu comes in to picture where it acts as saturn of chronic illness karak. Small pox has 30% rate of killing where interaction is restrictedโ€ฆ. In early days whatever the diseas is interaction has been limited n you are aloneโ€ฆ.

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      5th year -5th house , Sun is lord posited in 6 th house activating the 6th house and above moon position in 5th gives danger from water. 9th house signifcator is Sun giving activation to the 8th house where moon posited where as moon deblited in 8th danger from water is there.Thisย  is sir hasย  described in the house code lecture.Note: Whenever a house got activated that house exaltation and debilitated planet, signifcator of that house planet and planet posited there,All will give results in that year.







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      Ashish Gupta

      Looks to me a 2-12 relationship in both the cases. However, am trying the small pox first

      1. Small pox is an infection which can spread through air and is a tridosha. It is of 5 types and is as follows

      Vattaja, Kaphaja, Pittaja, Sannitaja, and finally Raktha ja.ย  It can be caused by eating ( reference URL )

      excessively salty – Candra
      bitter – mangala
      sour- Shukra

      Rakta Dhatu – Moon . which basically means, the water content in the blood gets dirty. 8th house is the water which is dirty and also is the connection to 2 ( eating ), 5 ( digestion ) and then 8th ( exit ). Saturn karaka of ‘Gandagi’ makes it prone to illness due to water. Candra or Moon is debilitated in the 8th house.

      Mars being 12th to Saturn will give boils or itches. interesting thing i found in this article is that such pox is called masurika or red lentils type. Mars color. so a combination for illness specifically when 8th house is the karaka for strength of illness.

      next is Mars in 7th house will act as the carrier of Maraka sthaan. so gives its color. age 10 and 30 is when the houses also get activated making it full combination of a disease of this type.

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      User AvatarAseem Mehta

      Hello Everyone,

      I have looked at a few charts to apply the technique. I have attached the link for certain horoscopes. But I want to share certain points before that which are as follow:

      1. I have used Saptarishis Research Software for applying the techniques. Out of all charts that had the combination present extremely few charts had any mention of the health issues, let alone health issues related to water.

      2. Out of around 310 horoscopes with such a combination only 8 had something mentioned regarding health issues on AstroDatabank. Out of those 8, only 3 had mention of diseases which could be somewhat closely related to water related issues. I have used those 3 cases in the link I have attached.

      3. With regard to decoding further part of Saturn in 8th & Mars in 7th, I did not find any horoscope to apply it on.

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      In this chart Mars and Saturn also aspect the 2H which is the face hence red scars spoil the beauty of the face the karak of which is venus owner of second house. Also moon debilitates in 8H hence pollution/contamination of the blood.In this disease karak of blood mars is owner of 8H afflicted by shani and also sitting 12th from it.

      However what i am unable to comprehend is how can a skin disease happen without involvement of afflicted Mercury and in this case Rahu too as this is a viral infection and was an epidemic too.Should it happen in transit of Rahu over 8H ?

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      Also Sun debilitates in 7H and I had read somewhere that sun and mars give boils,acne etc so could this also be the reason of appearance of boil like pustules.

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