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      Deepanshu Giri

      Chapter-18 Shlok 23- -If Sun is in 7th house while dispostior is being conjunct with Venus -Marriage will be at 7 or 11 years of age.

      So if we extend it to next cycle of marriage Sun in 7th house should get marriage opportunity at the age of 29 or wherever Venus is placed.

      We are using 12 year cycle in each house -so let us test this dictum for the various events of Sun in 7th house.

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      User AvatarSonia Kaura

      Chapter-18 Shlok 23- -If Sun is in 7th house while dispostior is being conjunct with Venus -Marriage will be at 7 or 11 years of age.
      Can we also interpret it like
      Marriage in 7 years [ sun is placed ] [ 7R lord is conjunct with Venus ]
      Marriage in 11 years [ 5th from sun ] [ 7R lord is conjunct with Venus
      —Marriage in 18 years [ sun placement ] [ 7R lord is conjunct with Venus ]
      —Marriage in 22 years [ 5th from sun ] [ 7R lord is conjunct with Venus ]
      —Marriage in 29 years and then again Marriage in 33 yrs

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      Hello Sir,
      Gratitude to you for helping us in this detailed manner.

      Chapter 18 Shlok 23 : If Aries is taken as the 1st house (Lagna), then Venus itself is the dispositor of 7th house.

      To figure out the 1st house if I see the chapter number and shlok number then Chapter 18 (1+8 = 9 Signifying Jupiter and Sagittarius) and Shlok 23 (2+3 =5 Signifying Sun and Leo). Also Sun is the Karak of 9th House.

      So the 1st house could be The Gemini Sign and Sun should be in 7th house of Sagittarius. The dispositor of 7th house is Jupiter and this chart should have a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the sign of Leo.

      Hence the 3rd cycle will be 3rd house(Leo) where Jupiter and Venus are seated and their dispositor Sun is in 7th house which will give its full activation result at the age of 29.

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        @Deepanshu Sir : In continuation to my earlier response of It being a Gemini Lagna and Sun being in Sagittarius and Venus and Jupiter making a conjunction and marriage happening during 3rd cycle with 3rd house active (Leo) , I have found one chart so far on Astro data bank.

        Name : Monique Libotte Berlioux
        Gender : Female
        DOB : 22.12.1923
        Time : 17:00 hours
        City : Metz
        Country : France

        Observation: She is a Gemini Lagna with Sun in Sagittarius with the Lagna Lord Mercury. In her chart although Venus and Jupiter are not together in the same house , Their dispositors (Saturn and Mars) are making a conjunction in the 5th house in the sign of Libra whose LORD is Venus.

        She got married on 29 February 1956 (at which point she must have completed 32 years and just started with her 33rd year) at which point her 11th house (Aries) must have got activated in her 3rd cycle (3rd house Leo Sign). The lord of 11th house (Aries) – Mars (Placed in 5th house Libra) who is also the dispositor of Jupiter and is in conjunction with Saturn (Who is the dispositor of Venus) got activated and it indirectly gave the results of (Venus and Jupiter as well) and Bhagya house gave marriage.
        Also Sun gets exalted here in the sign of Aries.
        So all the major planets necessary for Marriage to Happen namely Jupiter,Mercury,Mars,Venus and the Karak of 9th House Sun got their Strength for this event to take place.

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      Deepanshu Giri

      @Sneha -I never thought the way you have written for BPHS but it should work that way as well.

      -Yes it might work but we will never know until and unless we look at practical examples- Please search from astrodatabank for these combinations and let us see the cases where it is working and not working both.

      Can we go through couple of charts and exceptions everyone to be sure about it.

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      Chandra Priya

      Pranaam gurujee ,
      Ref- Chapter-18 Shlok 23- -If Sun is in 7th house while dispostior is being conjunct with Venus -Marriage will be at 7 or 11 years of age.

      # Even if the venus is retrograde ,it gives the same results.( Sun and Ven conjunct in 7th , got married in 21st year.)

      Ref- Sun in 7th house should get marriage opportunity at the age of 29 or wherever Venus is placed.
      Sun in 7th , while Ven is in 6th , He got married at the age of 29th year .

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      Vernikaa Darshan

      Namaste Sir,

      I have checked the dictum – Sun in 7th house should get marriage opportunity at the age of 29 or wherever Venus is placed.

      It is giving the marriage opportunity @ 27 ( the 5th house activating – The Natural Lord of the 5th house SUN is in the 7th house ), @29 ( The 7th house is activating – SUN gets debilitated in the 7th house) @ 31 ( The 9th house activating – The Significator of the 9th house SUN ), @ 35 ( 1st house is activate – the SUN is exalted in the 1st house { although I did not get any chart where the native is married @ 35 } )

      So we can say that in the 4th cycle the native will get marriage opportunity @ 38, @40, @42 $ @ 46.

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      Chart number 2 : Here Although the first marriage took place during the 2nd cycle, Sun-Venus-Jupiter (And Mercury) still made a connection in his chart. Also the second marriage took place during the 7th cycle and here as well the above mentioned connection took place.

      Name : Max Bill
      Gender : Male
      DOB : 22.12.1908
      City : Winterthur
      Country : Switzerland
      Time : 16:29:59

      He is a Gemini Lagna with Sun,Mercury and Ketu in 7th house in Sagittarius. Their dispositor Jupiter is placed in 3rd house in Leo sign (Sun and Jupiter exchange houses).

      Let us see the connection of Jupiter with Venus in this chart:
      Venus is placed in Scorpio and one of its dispositor KETU sits with Sun who is the Dispositor of Jupiter.

      As per wikipedia He got married in January 1931 (Just entered 23rd year). 2nd cycle (Cancer Sign) was active and 12 house (Taurus sign where Venus is the lord and Moon Gets Exalted (Who is the lord of 2nd house)). In His chart Venus and moon are conjunct in the sign of Scorpio(Mars and Venus exchange houses in his chart) and this activated the event of Marriage (Indirectly activating Sun Mercury Mars and Jupiter).

      His Second Marriage Took Place in year 1991 at the age of 83 during which he was Running the 7th cycle.

      Hence 7th house (Sun,Mercury,Ketu) got its strength and at 83,the 5th house (Sign of Libra) got activated which has Mars placed over there(Mars and Venus exchange houses in his chart). This triggered the activation of Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury. Also if we note during the 7th cycle, the sign of libra falls in 11th place which is house of bhagya. From all angels this shows the Event of the second marriage taking place.

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      This Shlok has a Significant importance given to Gemini Lagna. Also The SUN (2+3=5) and JUPITER(1+8=9) has a connection. JUPITER and VENUS makes a connection. MErcury (Lagna Lord) is in close conjunction with Sun

      Although the Event MIGHT get a tiny bit of start when the 7th house gets active BUT the Actual Event Takes place EITHER when the native is at an age when the Natal 11th house ( 11th from the Lagna) gets active OR 11th from the house of current Cycle gets active.

      This can be seen in the above two mentioned charts where both are Gemini Lagna.
      In Chart 1 : The Natal 11th house got active (Age 33)
      In Chart 2 : 1 st marriage – 11th house (Taurus) from 2nd cycle (Cancer Sign) got active.(Age 23)
      2 nd marriage – 11th house (Libra) from 7th cycle (Sagittarius Sign) got active. (Age 83)

      This is just my understanding so Far and definitely not the conclusion.

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      User AvatarGitika Sharma

      Hi Sir, Gratitude !!

      I have checked the dictum โ€“ Sun in 7th house should get marriage opportunity at the age of 29 or wherever Venus is placed.

      Applied in Prince Arthur Chart available in databank. Born : 01.05.1850 & got Married in 1879.
      wherein another chart Annie Wood Besant Born : 01:10:1847 (Available in data bank) Pisces Asc. Sun in 7H conjucted with Venus, Rahu & Mercury. Married in 21 year.

      Please advise if there are exceptions on this. (I will apply atleast 20-25 charts & come back)


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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Namaste sir,
      Good evening,
      Age 7, the 7th house gets activated whose ruler is itself venus. The venus is conjunct with 7th lord – which indicates marriage.
      At Age 7, Sign of Leo gets activated. Since sun is placed in 7th the marriage is triggered.

      At age 11, the 11th house gets activated whose ruler is saturn and rahu. Saturn gets exalted in 7th โ€“ activating 7th house of marriage.
      At age 11, the sign of Virgo gets activated.
      Virgo is 8th from 11th house. Karaka of 8th is saturn who is already active as per house code, and it gets exalted in 7th house.

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        User AvatarSonia Kaura

        please can you elaborate how 6th house gets activated at age 11. I am not able to get that calculation.

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          User AvatarMihir Sarang

          Thank you for your query.
          At age 11.
          House code: 11th house gets activated.
          Sign code: Virgo gets activated.
          (assuming its Aries ascendant, Virgo will be in 6th)
          The axis between 11th and 6th is 8th axis. Saturn is karaka of 8th and it gets natural exaltation in 7th house.

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            Shree Devi Dixit

            @vartika nigam
            Could you please elaborate on why fourth house got activated?

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              Vernikaa Darshan

              @Shree Devi Dixit Ji, according to house code system at 25 years the 3rd house is activated. So at 25+ the 4th house will activate.

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      User AvatarSaroja

      Namaste sir

      I have a chart with Aries lagna (retro saturn in aries) and sun,mer,venus and jupiter in libra. Born – 15 nov 1969 17:30, Hanumakonda, AP. She got married at the age of 25 in Rahu-venus-sun dasa. Rahu aspects 7th house with 9th drishti. I am not sure how it got activated at age 25.

      Thank you.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Hello Saroja,
      Regarding chart:- (15 Nov 1969, 17:30, Hanumakonda AP)

      At age 25, The house activated is 3rd house. Natural ruler of 3rd house is mercury. Mercury is placed in 7th house of marriage. Rahu gets exalted in 3rd house. Rahu is aspecting 7th house of marriage through 11th house.

      At age 25, The sign activated is Aries. Planet Saturn is placed in Aries also gets activated. Saturn is aspecting at 7th house of marriage.

      Thus both house code and sign code activates 7th house (by placement of natural lord, and by aspect) which brings marriage.

      Thank you.

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      Nagashiva Janardhan

      Sun in 7th in Gemini rashi, person married at age of 27, when 3rd rashi got activated. means Arudra Pada of 7th house gemini in 3rh house aquarus rashi.

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        @ Nagashiva: This native who got married at the age of 27 is a Sagittarius Lagna, and when 3rd house (Aquarius) got activated at age 25, The Co-ruler of that house Rahu who is Conjunct with Jupiter in the 11th house (Libra) Activated Jupiter and Venus and When the native reached the Age 27, The house lord Mars got strength and Mars being in Venus Sign the Marriage Happened.

        Another point to note is when 3rd cycle started, the natural 3rd house lord Mercury got activated and since it is in conjunction with Sun, it activated the 7th house. Also Rahu is naturally the co-ruler of 11th house and its placement in this chart is again in 11th house. Hence the 3rd cycle had that strength (house of wish) for this event to take place.
        Would it be possible to confirm if the native married an individual who was outside his/her community or something different about this marriage?

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      Nagashiva Janardhan

      My bad, the marriage happened in age of 26y 5m, when the third lord is activated. And A3 is placed in 3rd house (aquarius). The 7th house is gemini(3) where sun with mercury is positioned. The 7th house got activated and got married. In his chart rahu is positioned in 11 sign on libra with jupiter. Not possible to have outside marriage. Since rahu has boundaries drawn by jupiter.

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        @Nagashiva : I had considered 27th year running hence 26y5m will come under the same and as mentioned 3rd cycle with aquarius active, and at 27 running or 26.5 it will be the Aries Sign. Since Aries has Ketu in it I felt that during/Prior/After marriage or during that 27th year something significantly different could have happened.

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      Deepanshu Giri

      So We are clear with how to use this dictum- Let us try for one more day and then move on to next dictum -by solving this puzzle. Let us narrow down the marriage year.

      Birth details
      Time: 11:33 am
      Place- Pune

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        Nagashiva Janardhan

        GM Sir,

        For this birth detials
        Birth details
        Time: 11:33 am
        Place- Pune
        At age of 25- feb 2005, Mars is activated, in 1st house libra sign with 7 th house Aries sign activated, considering Arudra Padas. He will do an illegal marriage against family, then gets legalized later.
        At age of 31-32, he will do a second marriage.

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        For Today’s Puzzle : Marriage happened during the 33rd year or 31st(Doubtful but could happen) of the 3rd cycle .

        The Native’s Birth Time is 11:33 Am on a Friday(Venus). Which can be interpreted as Age 33 and 11th House.

        For 33rd Year :
        – The 11th House (Leo sign) has 3rd Lord JUPITER (In Venus Naksharta PurvaPhalguni), 9th Lord MERCURY (In Venus Nakshatra PurvaPhalguni) and the 11th lord SUN itself.
        – During the 3rd cycle, the 3rd house (Sagittarius) Activating Jupiter and Natural 3rd lord Mercury, giving full strength at the running age of 33 in the sign of Leo, where SUN who gets exalted in Aries gives strength to 7th LORD Mars who is in Libra.Since Jupiter and Mercury are in Venus Nakshatra this gives more strength for event like Marriage to happen.

        For 31st Year:
        – The Lagna Lord VENUS is in 9th house in Gemini (Mercury) in Jupiter Nakshartra (Punarvasu) and sun is the Karak of 9th house.
        – Venus is also the Atma Karaka (AK).
        – During the 3rd cycle, the 3rd house (Sagittarius) Activating Jupiter and Natural 3rd lord Mercury, When The native is running his/her 31st year-The 9th house (where SUN is the karak) and where Venus is Placed, Also Mars(in this chart the 7th lord)is activated from both ways(Due its dispositor Venus and it being the karak of the natural 3rd house Gemini).So Venus,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter and Sun all are showing the event of Marriage to happen.

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          Nagashiva Janardhan

          @sneha, Yes, at age 33,he will get a proposal to get married. But why not 31.when 31 fails then 33 comes.

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            @Nagashiva : As I mentioned in that response that the native was born at 11:33 AM on a Friday(Venus) and my first intuition felt that it means Age 33 and the 11th house.

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          General Observation:

          A Lot has been discussed here about SUN, JUPITER and the 11th house. And JUPITER is transiting to Aquarius(natural 11th house) on a SUNday (Correct me if I am wrong) on 21 (2+1=3). and November being the 11th month.

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        User AvatarRohini M

        Hello Everyone ,

        Isnt this is Early marriage chart ?
        As per – mars in lagna , venus , Jupiter aspecting lagna

        5th house AL – 5th lord rahu in the 10th with with UL and A8 also the Sun in the own sign

        Can above circumstances give the marriage in early around 21-22 , in the Year 2001 ?

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Namaste sir,
      DOB:- 29 aug 1980, 11:33 AM, Pune

      Ascendant is Libra with Mars placed in it.

      At age 25, The house activated is first house which has mars (the 7th lord) also natural 1st lord.
      At age 25, The sign activated is Aries (counting from aries) which is in 7th house. Lord Mars is placed in 1st house which is already active as per house code (connection between 1H and 7H) which brings marriage.

      At age 25, The sign activated is Libra (counting from libra, the asc) which is the natural sign of marriage with 7L mars in it, and its also active as per house code.
      Hence Marriage will happen at age 25.

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        Gratitude sir…
        Sir to decode BPHS
        chap 18 slok 23 ….marriage at age of 7 n 11 bcoz

        7h gets activated in the 7th year N sun is in 7th house

        โ€ข As according to house activation 12 yrs cycle rule.. result has to come inaccounts of first house so all events related to planets of first house will be executed…. ie
        โ€ข sun being exalted here, jup being karak here …
        Will give result accordingly

        โ€ข 1st house… Exalted house for sun

        So we will chk sun position as it has to give result…

        โ€ข Here sun is in 7th house…

        Rhishi says… sun in 7th house n its dispositor is with ve.

        I include points stated by Shneha mam with ur permission.. Sir๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
        She wrote in her post today morning in lunar forum… Tht chp18— 1+8=9 makes saggitarius n slok 23โ€”2+3=5 leo

        Here if we take leo in 7th house then sun will be dispositor …

        N according to rhishi dispositor of 7th house is with ve

        โ€ข Thus it means Venus is also in 7 house only .

        Thus At the time of first cycle when 7th yr runs 7h gets activated n sun has to give result.

        โ€ข AlThough sun is in debiliated house being dispositor in its own sign will give instant result as inaccount of circuit completed.

        n venus is karak of marriage … n venus is in its own karak bhav…. So said marriage will happen.

        Then rhishi says in 11th yr marriage may happen…

        This is so bcoz 11 house will be activated n there falls Sagittarius which is house of jup …

        11house fulfillment of desires n saggitarius is fr rituals n society conventions n jup is karak of first house so… Marriage will happen.

        Then nxt cycle will be 18yrs bcoz 2nd cycle will be activated n results will come from exalted moon n lord venus.
        N here venus is in 7h so it cn give marriage during 2nd cycle โ€ฆ7h activation

        โ€ข Bt there will be no marriage at age of 22 bcoz 11h has no connection with moon or venus.

        Then in 3rd cycle there will be no marriage at age of 29 bcoz at 3rd cycle …. Planets like mars , rahu, ketu n mer will have to give results.

        YESโ€ฆ. IN 3rd cycle marriage can happen only if mars, mer is 7h with ve

        This i hve studied over charts …
        As charts cant be uploaded here so pls give a look to the link given below…!AiuVPPqbESevjQFzEWfVU-u94OO_

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      Vernikaa Darshan

      Birth Details-
      Time: 11:33 am
      Place- Pune

      Marriage Year – 2005

      Reasons -1) Sign Code – Aries is activated which is in 7th house.

      2) in the Transition Jupiter was in Libra , aspects the 7th house.

      3) Yogini Dasha – The Moon dasha was going. moon applied its energy on Venus ( which is natural 7th house lord) and the ascendant lord.

      4) Vimshottari Dasha – It was the time of Venus Mahadasha

      5) House Code – the 4th house was activated ( age 25+ ), which significator Venus ( which is the ascendant lord and natural 7th lord) is sitting in the 9th house.

      6) Planetary Code – this time the dasha of Venus started.

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      Shree Devi Dixit

      Following are the birth details of the person who got married at the age of 26 years and 3 months
      DOB: 7.11.1985
      TOB: 5:35 PM
      POB: JhunJhunu, Rajasthan

      href=โ€″ rel=โ€noopenerโ€ target=โ€_blankโ€>XYZ

      The person is aries ascendant whose 7th house has sun sitting with venus and ketu.
      He was married in sun mahadasha and venus antardasha. When he turned 26 years years, his second house got activated which in turn activated his seventh house ruled by venus and is sitting there.

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      Shree Devi Dixit

      Goodevening Deepanshu Sir and other learned members of the group

      Following are the details of Sylvestor Stallone
      DOB: 06.07.1946
      TOB: 19:20
      POB: New York

      He got married in 1974 atthe age of 28. He is Sagittarius ascendant. At 28 years of age, his fourth house got activated which is ruled by Pisces sign, lord of which is ruled by Jupiter sitting in 10th house activating it as well, also gets activated due to (1-7 axis), 10th house is ruled by virgo sign, depositor of which is sitting with venus in 8th house. Activates 7th house ruled by gemini sign.

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      Nagashiva Janardhan

      @sneha thanks for the clarification. This guy is famous and earned lots of money.

      Im thinking it’s should be 33, but 31 should is best time yog to get phalit supported by Dashas also. 33 I think ketu Dasha is active in planet code and vimoshatari Dasha is satur Dasha.

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        @Nagashiva : Age 31 also looks very promising for the event to take place and that is why after 33, I mentioned 31(Doubtful but could be happen) and gave the details for 31 as well. I am also curious to know what could be the correct age.

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      User AvatarSudhir

      Sun in 7th house observations for marriage timing ….

      For Sun in 7th house, marriage houses are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius based on 12 year house cycle code.

      Example for Taurus ascendant marriage ages are 21(Aquarius), 23(Aries), 26(Leo), 28(Libra), 32(Aquarius), 34(Aries)….

      Observed with plus or minus 6 months…

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      @ Rohini More : When going through the chart initially, For few minutes I too felt that could it be an early marriage when the 2nd cycle got activated as Sign of Scorpio Ruled by (Mars and Ketu) will get activated.

      BUT many points came to my mind which may not let this event happen :
      -Mars in Lagna and the 7th house being Aries (Lord is Mars) could it make the native Manglik(Delaying the marriage)?
      – Scorpio being the natural 8th house, could hinder this and also Saturn (DK) the planet that gets exalted here is in 12th house and it is as mentioned of lowest degree.
      -The co-ruler Ketu is in 4th house (A7) and its lord Saturn (DK) is in 12th house (Natural 6th House Virgo) which could not allow the event to happen.
      – Also Moon (Lord of the 10th house where Rahu is placed) is in 6th house.

      The 3rd cycle Seems more promising but nevertheless you could still be correct.

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      Gnaneswar Gardas

      Good evening Sir,

      Virgo Lagna, 7L Ju is in 10H (Gemini), Venus & Sun are in 7H so marriage occurred at the age of 18.

      # as per the dictum here 7L is not conjunct with Venus in direct but Venus itself in 7H and owner is Ju.

      DOB: 18-03-2002
      TOB: 19:25
      POB: Guntur, AP

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      User AvatarSonia Kaura

      Dear All ,

      Regarding the eg. chart
      So We are clear with how to use this dictum- Let us try for one more day and then move on to next dictum -by solving this puzzle. Let us narrow down the marriage year.

      Birth details
      Time: 11:33 am
      Place- Pune

      Interpretation is not using other dashas etc

      — age of 29 marriage will happen
      Reason 1 — 7th house is activated , 7th lord Mars 7th from itself and in Ascendant. Here ascendant lord is Venus and in trine so there is good connection . I am not able to reason out 7th house when sun is in 11th house.
      [ This approach is as per general marriage timing that we learnt in class ]

      Reason 2 — when we look at AL however the chart is interesting , sun is in 7th , sun is itself lord of 7th and is conjunct with two planets in Venus nakshatra . How do establish connection of Venus with dispositor of Sun ?? can we say 7th house natural lordship of Venus , Venus is activated and is in 3R and Mercury is conjuct with Sun in Venus nakshatra … [ not quite simple connection ]

      comments , criticise welcome

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      User AvatarRohini M

      @SNEHA RAMESH PARDIKAR – ok ,my thinking was Rahu Activation can give the event.

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      Deepanshu Giri

      @Sneha you got is absolutely right that marriage age is 33 for the native but let us see more to this chart.

      In this chart dasa will be calculated using lagna sputa reason being is- Moon is placed in 6th house and is in Kendrum yoga- This means what he feels will never be able to execute it as even the dispositior of the Moon is in 6th from own position.

      So in any chart when you see Moon being weak state use Sun or Lagan as starting point of dasa adn then you will find he got married in Mer/Ven/Sun dasa and circuit was complete not only in D-1 but in D9 as well

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      Deepanshu Giri

      @Deepika- can’t see uploaded charts -but i could not understand the way you are using cycle- -Use the rashi code or planetary code or house code but mention it.

    • #27265

      Sir pls once u go through this link to see the charts n my readings on these famous charts.
      Pls sir…

      Sir i took 2+3=5 leo in 7house
      N 1+8=9 sagittarius in 11th house

      N rhishi said tht 7h dispositor is with ve so according to this slok

      I took aquarius ascndents …chked n found that when 1st cycle was running sun has to g ive result bcoz {1st hause related natural planets will give like…. Mars, sun , jup, n sat}

      N as sun being dispositor n with karak of marriage venus … in 7th house so in 7th year marriage will happen.

      11 year mei marriage will happen due to sign of saghittarius which signifies… Rituals n ceremonies.

      During 2nd cycle … House lord venus n exalted moon has to give results…

      1.. Then again when 7h activates ie 18th running year will give marriage . This time bcoz of ve.

      2.. bt 11house will not give marriage as bcoz
      … AS ITS 2nd CYCLE RUNNING .N VENUS makes no connection to 11th house SO marriage will not happen {AT AGE OF 22}
      Only if 11h gets any connection with moon then ceremony at home could take place.

      During 3rd cycle …. House lord mer, mars , rahu n ketu are capable of givnig results…

      1….These planets if posited in 7th house then only gives marriage at age of 29 .
      ONLY IF THESE PLANETS ARE IN 7HOUSE THEN ONLY MARRIAGE WILL HAPPEN ….. elsewise there will be no marriage at 29…(its tested on charts).

      2… Bt at age of 33 marriage will surely happen bcoz ….3rd cycle is going on n rahu is bound to give results n 11house is HOUSE OF RAHU .
      SO AS 11 house activates ceremony will happen in home.

      This i have shown through charts so pls open this link….

      I took charts of …
      1. Natalie Coresia
      2. Jeffrey Lurie
      3.Sauna Sand!AiuVPPqbESevjQFzEWfVU-u94OO_

      Pls check once Sir๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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      Mehak Beri

      I tested the shlok on 10 charts below are my observations:

      Rule Works, when:
      1. Venus or Sun houses when Sun is placed in 7th house and Venus is placed in 5th house even though the depositors are different (natural 5th & 7th connection).
      2. Sun is in 7th house and Venus is with the depositor of Sun or When Venus’s depositor is sitting with Sun in 7th house.

      Rule doesn’t work, when:
      1. Sun & Venus are in 7th house – the marriage age varies and doesn’t follow the guidelines ( Example: Allender Steele Adams & Bernard Arnault)
      2. Sun & Venus are in the house of the same lord (Sun in Capricorn & Venus in Aqu.) Example: Georges Carpentier

      All the charts were taken from the Lunar Astro Data Bank (AA rating).

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      Mehak Beri

      Charts that the shlok works on: (12 year cycle rule used for Bhrigu Nadi)
      1. Carla Bruni
      Married on Feb 2nd 2008 (Age 40 years – 4th house cycle 7th house active)

      2.Christina Applegate
      Married on October 20, 2001 (Age 29 years – 3rd house cycle – 8th house active) Venus is placed there with Mercury in Jupiter sign. Married on Feb 23, 2013 (Age 41 years – 8th house is active in 4th house cycle

      3. Jean Auel
      Married in 1954 (Age 18 years – 2nd house cycle 7th house active)

      4. Princess (1885) Alice
      Married on Oct 6, 1903 (Age 18 years – 2nd house cycle 7th house active.

      5. Rudolf Carnap
      Married 2nd time in 1933 – 4th house cycle 9th house active.

      6. Wolfgang Abendroth
      Married in 1946 (Age 40 years – 4th cycle & 7th house active.

      Charts that did not worked with the shlok:
      1. Allender Steele Adams
      Marriage age should be 29 years running. Got married at 22 years old

      2. Bernard Arnault
      Married in May 5, 1973 to Anne Dewavrin & Divorced in 1990 (24 years old – 1st house active in 2nd house cycle )
      Re-Married in September 23, 1991 to Helene Mercier (42 years old -9th house active 4th house cycle)

      3. Georges Carpentier
      Married in 1920 (age: 26 years old – 3rd house cycle and 4th house active)
      Should have gotten married at 29 years or 30 years

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