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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      BPHS Chapter 15 Verse 10-14 further states that: An exchange between the 11th and 4th lords will confer conveyances in the 12th year.

      Also, further give an explanation of this that benefic related to 4th house & it’s lord will bring him auspicious effect while malefic will bring in-auspicious effect with real – life / example chart.

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      User AvatarIndu

      Although, there no clear exchange of lords of 11th & 4th house, But in case of Michael Jackson (born on 29 Aug 1958) – Libra Lagna – 11th lord Sun with Mercury is aspected by 4th Lord Saturn from 2nd house.  He gained social status in the year 1970 (Achieved six Gold albums by age 11).


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      Deep Das

      as per BPHS, Venus is used as karaka for conveyances and exalts in 12th H.
      So if 4th Lord being placed in 11H, and vice versa, in the 12th year gain of conveyances happens.

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      11th lord – sat and rahu in 4th house and

      4th lord moon is in 11th house.whereas moon got exalted in Taurus .In the 12th year moon became 11th to 2nd house gives conveyances.

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      Just missed a line while submiting continuing the last In the last 12th year Venus got exalted and Moon has 2nd and11th connection so gives conveyances.

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      User AvatarAseem Mehta

      Hello Everyone,

      I have applied the technique on a few charts. Here is the link –

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