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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      BPHS Chapter 15 Verse 10-14 further states that: An exchange between the 11th and 4th lords will confer conveyances in the 12th year.

      Also, further give an explanation of this that benefic related to 4th house & it’s lord will bring him auspicious effect while malefic will bring in-auspicious effect with real – life / example chart.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Given: Exchange between 11th and 4th lord will confer conveyances in the 12th year.

      (moon in 11H, Saturn in 4H or Rahu in 4H)

      Age 12, House code will be 12th house.

      Karaka of 12H is Saturn, Jupiter and ketu.

      Saturn is also the karaka as well as natural lord of 11H and is placed in 4H (given)

      Activation of 12H will activate saturn as well as 11H (as saturn is activated)

      Age 12, Sign code will be Virgo.

      12H and Virgo (natural 6H) are in 1-7 Axis.

      Saturn is exalted in 7H and is already active as per the house code.

      11L in 4 and 4L in 11th indicates gains of property, land, vehicle or transformation related to property, land, vehicle.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang


      Search made in astro-databank – Aries Ascendant, Moon in Aquarius, Saturn in Cancer.

      Following chart was selected randomly.

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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      @Mihir Sarang ji – wonderful and detailed analysis. Keep it up!

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Thank you Ankit Ji for appreciation.

      I would like to share one more interesting chart, which demonstrates activation of axis between house code and sign code.

      Search made in astro-databank – Libra ascendant, Moon in 5H aquarius, Saturn in 10H cancer.

      Idea/Reason for such search – 5H is 8th from 10H. Hence the person must experience transformations in his life,  when he gets good position.

      Following chart was selected for study.

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